GE LED GU10 4W Tesco INSTORE WAS £10 NOW £2.50
GE LED GU10 4W Tesco INSTORE WAS £10 NOW £2.50

GE LED GU10 4W Tesco INSTORE WAS £10 NOW £2.50

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Went to Tesco St Stephens, Hull today & checked the price of these because I remembered seeing the following reduction a few weeks back:-


Said £10 still on the ticket but thought I'd check on the price checker anyway, came up as £2.50 so bought all 7 that they had. I don't know if anyone else has noticed this but Tesco are getting really lapse with their tickets knowadays, bonus if its this way every time but not if it ends up costing you more.

Cheapest I've ever seen these, got my last batch when they were reduced from £15 to £3.75 before they reduced the packaging.

Edit - Doh, put wrong price in the title first (cheated and copied the last offer which was a more expensive £4)


How ugly are they!?

These are not very bright and totally inadequate for a kitchen, would need a very large number to get anywhere near the GU10 halogens they replace.

In this case probably better off spending that bit more and having less of them or waiting for the technology and price to become more affordable.

105 lumens, about 15-20 watts. These are not 50w halogen replacements.

great find

...just to ... diminish .. the confusion ...LED will bring ... in 'the EARLY DAYS'

those ... of 105 lm (lumen) are equivalent to 10 W (halogen or incandescent)

Which will tell you --- poss enough for a table reading light (20 cm to reading surface distance)

... you are looking for at least 200 lm (equiv. to 20 WATT - current bulbs)

or 500 lm (lumen) for a 50 W bulb ... etc ....

PLUS look for the color temperature ---

as this ... Will matter as well .!!

Best would be 4500 Kelvin (Daylight WHITE)

or 2700 Kelvin (= the color of your current OLD BULBS)

...beware of the CHINESE IMPORTS ... -- often 6500K or up --> 8000 Kelvin ...= practically 'BLUE' (all vee...eery ! bluish... white?? )

Those are a VERY ugly color ... similar to the first NEON LIGHTS ... the 'fools & horses guys ' grew up with - in their kitchens

I assume this is OLD TESCO STOCK .. they will flog to the unsuspecting 'passer byers' ..

But be aware ... YOU WILL HAVE THOSE BULBS for the NEXT THIRTY!! YEARS . as they will 'last almost forever'
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This debate can and will go on for a very long time (not here though I hope although it is vey useful and educational), we have 3 of these in our 20ft by 13ft kitchen which we find good enough for general use, under units need turning on for detailed work which we did with halogens anyway because we were effectively in the way therefore casting a shadow.

On the packet they state equivilant to 20W Halogen and having them side by side there's not much of a difference, certainly don't get as much light as we do from the 7W or 9W Energy Saving ones but these take an age to warm up.

As for the deal, are they any cheaper elsewhere?

As many other deals are commented on such as 26 inch TVs, "I'd rather go for a 32 inch for a few quid more" that's not the point of posting deals, the point is that these are cheap so if you want them then go for it, if not go for smething else that meets your purpose.

2,50 is a fair price TODAY

.. and the world needs EARLY ADAPTERS ..

But don't go out and buy the whole lot in TESCO to replace all your GU10's today ... [
You will have 30 years to regret the money and 'bare bones' tech solution .... oO [they will just NOT DIE - like the bulbs you have used so far!! ... sense has to be applied @ time of purchase / changeover to a 'brand new technology']

THE PRICE will fall to 50 pence - per unit -- with at least a 40W / 400 lumen equivalent output (4W @ 100lm in very good white [4500kELVIN COLOR] is already in the market ... NOT AT TESCO though ... so far -- TRY TO LOOK IN B&Q - for a start... )

This will enable YOU to install them anywhere ... from the ceiling downwards ... not just the 'under-cupboard solution' ... so far mentioned.

Yes 'the magic Bath and ceiling reset light's - architecture dictates currently

By the way, those will be 1 or 3 chip solutions ... (not the 50 / 60 SMD's someone mentioned - / they will 'secure the Xmas tree slot ... solely !)

Original Poster

As with everything there is an optimal time to purchase new tech and the cheapest time, the two don't goe together in this case. With these and the 7W Energy Efficient ones I used as well I saved more than £25 per year, therefore offering me payback on the investment within a year at this reduced price unlike the original price of £15 a couple of years ago.

I had to laugh when I discussed the normal Energy Efficient ones wih my friend who owns her own Hairdressers, I saw they were reduced to £2.50 each from £5 and offered to get her the 12 she needed for the salon, she was delighted with the saving but had a go at me for not telling her about them sooner as the extra initial cost would still have been outweighed by the lecky savings, over £200 pa from these lights alone and suprisingly enough neither of them have failed in 2 years (the quoted 6000 hours should last her 3 years).

When some better ones come out I'll probably change them, they've saved me enough already so don't owe me.

By the way, those will be 1 or 3 chip solutions ... (not the 50 / 60 … By the way, those will be 1 or 3 chip solutions ... (not the 50 / 60 SMD's someone mentioned - / they will 'secure the Xmas tree slot ... solely !)

You probably already know that these are the 1 chip ones, as you say, so much better than the multiples.

Not stocked in Preston


... NOT AT TESCO though ... so far -- TRY TO LOOK IN B&Q - for a … ... NOT AT TESCO though ... so far -- TRY TO LOOK IN B&Q - for a start... )

So, how much are the ones that give the correct light output in b and q?

Call me crazy but I will always be keeping the 8 GU10 35W bulbs I have in the kitchen, cheap as chips to buy/replace and in the winter months which here in the UK can be 6 months of the year they heat my kitchen nicely alongside the single 1000Watt CH rad out there.

280 Watts with all 8 switched on costs approx 5p an hour but its not only providing light but a nice downward heat from my 8ft ceilings.

Would need at least 15 of these to get light anywhere near and even then from 8ft up probably not, the cost to run 15 of these for an hour about 1p but no heat provided so would prob get heat from another source such as plinth heaters.

Anyhow 4 hours spent in the kitchen with lights on average 150 nights a year = 600 hours

600 hours x 5p = £30 per annum (Initial cost 8xGU10 = £8) Total = £38 (2nd year £68) (3rd year £98)

600 hours x 1p = £6 per annum (Initial cost 15xLED = £37.50) Total = £43.50 (2nd year £49.50) (3rd year £55.50)

After 3 years your £43.50 better off - But in my situation I would of spent the savings or more on replacing the heat lost from these GU10 bulbs.

Until theses bulbs are down to this price for 50w replacements I will stick to my GU10s based on the above.
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