Gear IconX Wireless  Fitness Headphones, £169 @ Samsung UK Shop (FREE P&P)

Gear IconX Wireless Fitness Headphones, £169 @ Samsung UK Shop (FREE P&P)

Found 28th Jul 2016
Brand new wireless headphones from Samsung, currently £249.97 @Amazon UK.
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Good price so heat. Shame the battery is not great, you would think nowadays that they should be able to squeeze more juice out when streaming via Bluetooth
That's just the recommended retail price they will launch at. No idea what's up with amazons pricing. Same issue with the Gear Fit 2 band. £200+ on amazon 149 on samsung shop
Has any body used them? I know they are recently released.
Bummer no AptX support, expensive earbuds especially if they fallout from ears while jogging over rough grassy terrain oO
I would opt for these as they have AptX that's if I were brave enough to fork out that much wonga!

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For that money, not to have aptx is ridiculous.
No doubt Chinese will have copies out in no time. Then move decimal place one.
One UGLY pair of headphones

One UGLY pair of headphones

Am I missing something! How can they be ugly when there's hardly much of them before they are in the ear and almost nothing to see once in the ear, I would say almost invisible in the ear!
My concern is them falling out plus one of them has the audio controls (touch, slide ...) so as most earbuds you tend to adjust and push back into place do you then end up touching the controls???
I have a pair. No problem with them falling out - they stay in my ears better than any wired earbud I've used. They are a bit fiddly to hold onto though and I have dropped one a couple of times when taking them out of the pod.

I was also concerned about the lack of AptX, but I can honestly say I can't tell the difference between these and the similar Earin earphones that do use AptX, and I was pleasantly surprised with the sound quality. Battery life is poor though, and I have had issues with them staying fully charged when left inside their charging pod for a couple of days.

The ability to hold on to a signal from the phone and also between earphones is pretty good, and better than the Earin phones in this regard (maybe this is what eats up the battery!). You can also chose which earbud connects to the phone, so you can set it to the same side of your body as you carry your phone.

As far as the controls go, to adjust the earbud position you just pinch between thumb and finger above and below and I've not had it register this as a press of the control surface at all as far as I can remember. Sometimes it's hard to find the control surface though - a bit like trying to touch the tip of your nose when drunk...
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