Gear S2 Classic £179.95 at Argos was  229.95 discounted  £50

Gear S2 Classic £179.95 at Argos was 229.95 discounted £50

£179.95Argos Deals
Found 24th Jun 2017
Gear S2 is beautifully designed in and out with a durable stainless steel body that sits slim and sleek on your wrist. Customising the watch face and changing watch bands is so easy, it's a device for all occasions.

Taking charge of your health is easy with Gear S2. Track your daily activity levels, heart rate and water vs. Caffeine intake. With enough space to store 300 songs synced seamlessly from your phone, your favorite playlists go where you go. Even when you leave your phone at home to go for a run.

Samsung Exynos.4GB memory.


Bluetooth 4.1 connection.NFC connection.USB 2 connection.Wi-Fi.

Display information

1.2 inch Super AMOLED screen.Touchscreen.


250mAh battery capacity.Typical usage time of up to 2 days.Low usage time of up to 3 days.

Physical specification

Size H39.9, W43.6, D11.4mm.Weight 42g.


Water resistant.Dust resistant.Answer calls and make calls.Read texts and reply to texts.Read emails.Receive social network notifications and post to social networks.View calendar.Displays weather.Music player.Heart rate monitor.Pedometer.Accelerometer.Sat nav.

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good find, thanks
Just ordered this directly from Samsung (in Rose Gold) for the same price.
Showing price as £199 on Samsung online store. Did you use a discount code?
Oos for me
No stock in Northern Ireland
Ordered this from Ebay USA for £150 delivered as it was the contract only version, benefit of that is it has the mic and speaker, allowing you to make and receive calls (via Bluetooth only from the phone) as the UK sells WiFi only options with no mic.
However the s3 in the UK has the mic but almost double the price.
also available on amazon at the same price.
Nice looking watch but still a big wedge for a watch. I scratch watches too easily lol
Still the best Smart Watch, I bought my one from china. S2 is better than s3 as in size and it's fit's any hands; weights half of s3. I have both s3 and s2 but i use s2 more often. One good thing about s3 is better screen and better battery.
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I picked up the Sport version from Amazon last week, am loving it. Was a bit concerned about it running Tizen rather than Android Wear but has almost all the key features I could want.

Unfortunately WhatsApp doesn't have a specific app but that's true on all smartwatches including the Apple Watch. You still get notifications though and can quick reply using some standard responses (that you can customise).

There are some really nice watch faces included too, so many that I've not even bothered downloading any additional ones.

Samsung Health is much better than Google Fit, it includes community challenges and seeing your historic activity is much easier than the Google option. The app is just generally better, I'm all for default Google stuff but seems like they've really not put much effort in to date.

Samsung Pay is limited to only a few banks which is a shame but hope this expands in future as I use Android Pay a lot.

Just ordered this directly from Samsung (in Rose Gold) for the same price.

I want it in the platinum color for guys in that same batch that the Rose gold were advertised in last year ....... I already have the darker charcoal gray one and I like it so good I want another one, but I have to deagree with their battery life, or mine is not near as what they say, the one I have might last me a good 8 to 10 hours with normal usage! Thanks, David
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