Gear4 Blackbox Micro Speaker £4.89 delivered @ Sendit
Gear4 Blackbox Micro Speaker £4.89 delivered @ Sendit

Gear4 Blackbox Micro Speaker £4.89 delivered @ Sendit

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Small on size, big on sound quality

This USB-powered speaker may be small in stature, but it certainly delivers when it comes to sound. It contains two drivers - one to deliver crisp high notes and a special SFX gel base driver to deliver rich bass sounds. Together they produce outstanding sound quality that can be enjoyed from any device with a headphone port including iPods and iPhones.

Manufacturers Description
The BlackBox Micro is a uniquely designed compact speaker with integrated SFX technology to provide high quality sound from such a small design. Two drivers work together to give optimal audio output with the standard driver delivering crisp high notes and the SFX gel base driver providing rich bass sounds. Compact and powered by USB, the BlackBox Micro is the perfect travel speaker for all your music devices.


It keeps getting cheaper & cheaper I bought one for £9.50 from them a few weeks ago, good sound from such a small speaker, only drawback I can think of, no method of changing volume on speaker, have to do it via computer volume.

I know this says USB-powered, but do you know if it also takes batteries to use as a stand-alone iPod speaker?

forget that, just had a look on Play.com reviews and saw this:

mdavies14 | 14/09/2009 | See all mdavies14's reviews (1) »

this is described as a portable speaker but when i recieved it i relised its not portable as it has to be plugged in to the mains or a computer to be used.

All other reviews state that the sound quality of it is great though, so if you're looking for a small laptop speaker then this is for you.

I bought one when they were £9.50ish - at this price though I thought I would order a second so that I have a spare as they are great little speakers for the money.

I take this does not play stereo or true stereo, cannot c any reviews to say either way, excellent price tho. Hnr 2op:thumbsup:

Ordered, thanks.

These things have a rubber pad on the bottom that amplify bass when placed on a flat surface. It doesn't give a good a quality sound as my lappy speakers but makes up for it with the extra whoompf in the basement.

I bought one when they were a tenner, I don't reckon it was worth that much but £4.89 aint bad.

They have to have a power source (USB is best) and do have a groovey red led input strip up the front :-)

Worth saying, the bluetooth, and battery powerable, stereo big brother to this is excellent value, even at 30 quid.
I picked myself one up on ebay for £20 and they have remarkably good audio quality for the dinky size of them.

Can this be used as a PC speaker?


Can this be used as a PC speaker?

Errrr, yes. Provided your PC has a spare USB port and an audio out/headphone socket. As per picture:-

Thanks..have a different sort of one these, the miidio. This is cheaper and 5v usb better than the 12 needed for miidio for portability. Depending on the surface you use the sound can be surprisingly good.Thanks for posting

Well worth the price and has been perfect for using with my laptop which has rubbish speakers.

Amazing the difference the rubber bottom makes when you compare lifting it off surface and putting it back down again.

Can someone give me the exact size of this please?

went on website - sold out

shame as it looked ideal!
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