Gear4 Duo iPod Dock REFURB £39.99 @ Misco

Gear4 Duo iPod Dock REFURB £39.99 @ Misco

Found 1st Feb 2010
Refurbished, available on Amazon new for £130!!

First post, long time lurker, hope i've got this all right!

GEAR4 Duo iPod Dock REFURB

A portable speaker system that comes with sub-woofer power from a detachable unit, providing bass-rich sound whether you're at home or on the move. The Gear4 Duo delivers 38 watts of total speaker output. Designed with Seamless Sound Technology, so the Satellite Speaker can be simply docked onto the Bass Unit where its built-in Lithium-ion battery automatically recharges, making it permanently ready for portable use.


* Versatility DUO is a worlds first a speaker system that offers a powerful sub-woofer with a detachable portable speaker. Its unique flexibility allows you to either dock the portable Satellite Speaker for bass-rich audio fidelity or remove it from the Bass Unit for a superbly portable speaker, perfect for taking with you wherever you go.
* Design DUOs unique design ensures an effortless connection between the Satellite Speaker and Bass Unit in one smooth movement. The patented Seamless Sound Technology (SST) delivers continuous playback when switching from home to portable speaker mode, ensuring you Never Miss A Beat.
* Sound With a total output of 38 Watts, split across a 20 Watt sub-woofer plus two 6 Watt speakers and two 3 Watt tweeters in the Satellite, enjoy crystal clear, bass-rich audio, both when the Satellite Speaker is docked or separate.

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I bought one of these when it was last listed. It's an ace piece of kit, I've been delighted with it.
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