GEAR4 HouseParty Blu - in store £9.99 @ Toys R Us
GEAR4 HouseParty Blu - in store £9.99 @ Toys R Us

GEAR4 HouseParty Blu - in store £9.99 @ Toys R Us

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HouseParty Blu provides high quality stereo sound for all your music players iPod, mobile phone or other portable music player. Free your tunes from your mobile phone with HouseParty Blus built-in stereo Bluetooth transfer technology, or dock your iPod for a sleek iPod speaker with beautifully designed touch-screen controls and backlit LEDs.

HouseParty Blu also comes with a fully functional remote control, allowing you to control both the speaker and your iPod and a 3.5mm audio cable for linking up other portable music players.

* 30W speaker output from 2 x speakers
* Charge-and-listen when iPod is docked
* Built-in stereo Bluetooth transfer technology
* Touch-sensitive buttons with backlit LEDs
* Aux line in for portable music players and other MP3 players
* Fully functional remote control
* Multi-iPod compatibility

My local store in Watford - all out of stock BUT new stock arriving beginning Feb 09 at this price!!


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Amazon going for £70 plus!!

This might sound like a daft question but does anyone know if it has a 3.5mm audio out socket?. Reason I ask is because I need something to amplify the audio coming directly from my 360 to a pair of headphones. Ideally I need a proper standalone amp or some sort of small inline amp but I neither have the space or the cash for either of those and this would be ideal if it had an audio out socket for my headphones.

doubt they getting anymore because its old stock

Is it online or atleast has a product code available for it?

Might be a silly question, but does this work with the Ipod Touch??

I like how theyre cashing in on the 'blu' name. Wonder if we'll see a glut of 'blu' branded stuff as bluray becomes more popular like the 'X' that all graphics cards seem to have in their title because 'X' sounds good. Not knocking this though, just an observation - does the 'blu' have anything to do with the product? I know it has bluetooth but that is blue rather than 'blu'

Nice find. Heat added. :-)

hi mate, have u got a product code so i can ring my local tmw - thanks

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sorry dont have the product code..i was just strolling through the shop while i waited for my io play (handsfree bluetooth) kit to be fitted by Halfords..but i was guaranteed that new oder beginning of Feb. Try in store...my local one were just out of stock, you might be luckier!

yes works with itouch and also any bluetooth phone/ device

hot if anyone can find one in stock, nijjyp says amazon & play.com have it in for £75, certainly worth looking out for if your nr to a Toys'R'us

none in gloucester, bristol or swindon

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the geeky nerd at the store said "new batch beginning Feb"

Great price and thanks for posting OP. But again 266 degrees which means lots of votes for something no one has got hold of and no guarantee they will be able too!

Once again. waaay too many folks on here pile in with hot votes based on a headline and not based on reality!

No vote from myself this time - thus neither hot nor cold.
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