Gear4 IceBox iPod Nano 3G Case - £8 in-store @ HMV

Gear4 IceBox iPod Nano 3G Case - £8 in-store @ HMV

Found 29th Dec 2007
Looking for a hard case for your new 3rd Generation iPod Nano?
You will be hard pushed to find one as nice as the Gear4 IceBox.

Apple will sell you this case direct for £19.
A few online retailers will sell you it for £15.
In-store at HMV they were selling the Clear, Silver and Pink cases for £8.


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You can get "unbranded" hard cases for the 3G Nano's and indeed they are less than the Gear4 one I've mentioned.
Where as in the reviews for the one you linked to for example say things like:

"Easily cracked if dropped"
"The cutout doesn't match exactly as the navigation controls"
"Nano doesn't really fit properly. There's a part that doesn't close properly"

The Gear4 case is showing why it costs more.
So OK I haven't dropped it yet, but the case really doesn't feel like it would break easily.
Also this case does perfectly fit the Nano - everything closes up and cutout's match etc.

I've bought cases for thinks like mobile phones, DS Lite, iPod Classic, iPod Mini and now iPod Nano and I've always found that spending that little bit more really does give you much better quality and something that fits exactly rather than "it's a close fit".

Fair point Stoofa and guess it's a case of you get what you pay for. Just thought that it was worth posting if anyone wanted a cheaper option. I've always been impressed by the crystal cases at the price I've paid from Deal Extreme.

i bought one recently and can say it feels much tougher than cases i have bought in the past. I have bought agent18 cases which have fallen apart within a week but this looks a much tougher case. Paid 14.99 a few weeks back but now its £8 its a bargain. Voted HOT!!

Ive ordered a leather case from DealExtreme along with a remote control so never have to worry about taking the ipod out of the case.

I previously got a clear case for my k800i. I am impressed with it, but a fall would make it open apart. Great to prevent scratches, but doesnt protect (like a leather case would) against drops.

Having bought 3 Nanos for kids xmas, this is a great deal as same item is £20 in Dixons.
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