GEAR4 X-Factor Lucky Voice Party Box - Was £59.99 Now £15.99 Delivered @ Play

GEAR4 X-Factor Lucky Voice Party Box - Was £59.99 Now £15.99 Delivered @ Play

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Found 24th Mar 2011
An excellent price, this same item is £46.99 at Argos.

The X-Factor Lucky Voice Party Box is the ideal home karaoke solution. With over 7,000 songs at your fingertips you'll never have to buy a karaoke CD again. You can even sing the songs sung by the live finalists, immediately after the show. So, grab your mic and get singing!

* Includes red chrome X-Factor microphone
* Lucky Voice home voucher code
* All you need :
* A computer with a broadband internet connection (PC, Mac or Laptop)
* Speakers (Hi-Fi, iPod speaker dock, TV or external computer speakers)


Vague description, no reviews and it appears there would be additional cost per song !

lol this is just a crapy mixer that has reverb 'echo' on it the songs are on the website and the music plays though the computer and back into this mixer out to your playback device. You could do this without the box with a cheap pound land mic and your computer.

Please Note:

* *When you buy the Lucky Voice Party Box you get access to all 6000+ songs for 30 days. After the 30 days expire you still get three hours-worth of free singing to use when you please, and after that it costs £3.99 for 24 hours or £7.99 per month. Four quid for a night of karaoke hilarity? Bargain

Download karafun player and a laptop that can connect upto a TV and download kar files (sound like polyphonic ringtones but are usually free). Or download MP3+G (CDG) files or rip your own cdg's.

This isn't a bad price for the mic/mixer really, none of my sound cards have pass-through ability so I need a mixer. About 25 quid on fleebay for a cheap mixer and two patheticly cheap mics.
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