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Marshall Fridge MF-3.2 Fridge with 74 Litre  Interior Capacity £299 @ Gear4Music
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
Resisting a purchase myself but this is the best price I’ve seen the Marshall Fridge in a while. Gear4Music include 2 year warranty & 30 day money back guarantee FREE Delivery… Read more
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It actually does (lol)


But does it go up to 11?


Can't wait til we see audio gear deals on HotUKDeals!


It's cheaper here:


I got one,thanks op. I Think ... :/ :D 8)

Dean AXS Quilt Ash Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar - Gloss Natural £129 delivered @ Gear4Music
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
Another guitar deal for you all, this time something with a bigger body and acoustic...As if you can't tell :D Nice entry point at a good price if you're looking to start learni… Read more

Better with an electric to learn rather than very cheap acoustic although this one would probably be fine


You'll build up finger calluses the more you go at it, once the skin is thicker there then that goes away. Doesn't take long though


yeah I was looking at this as higher end. Think il be better off trying a good one somewhere to make sure its not just me. Index finger is a bit sore XD


The action on lower end guitars can cause issues (Space between the string and fretboard) The higher the action, obviously it takes more to push down. Once you start getting better, maybe consider trying something a little higher end and if poss go 2nd hand to keep costs down. Keep at it, you may surprise yourself. I know I did :)


I hear what your saying about taking it slow. i'm trying the andyguitar 10 day learner course on youtube. i'm still on day one from xmas day ha. Iv'e been reading up on the guitar i have been bought and it seems it's hard to learn on. i'm struggling just getting the first string down never mind a full chord. never thought i had fat fingers before. (y)

Sennheiser HD 650 Audiophile Open Dynamic Headphones at Gear4music £285
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
Really good headphones for a decent price.

The cyrus soundkey is headphone amp and dac but with these being 300ohm probably too difficult to drive still, afterall it is still powered by the phone.


Vs the DT880 or DT990?


Headphone jacks on phones can power more than in-ears but these need much more.


You'll need a headphone amp, the titchy signal from a phone will only run crappy in-ears.


You got ripped off, I bought mine for £60, I also got a house, car (Delorean) and fuel for much less years ago, I can't believe idiots pay so much these days

Ibanez AE205 Electro Acoustic Guitar 2018 - Sunburst £299 Delivered @ Gear4Music (2 year warranty)
Found 30th Nov 2018Found 30th Nov 2018
I'm a big fan of Ibanez guitars, I've had a few over the years and although not looking for another one just now, thought that this was a nice option. The fretboard design is reall… Read more

Ohh, let me know how it is! I don't need another but my Ibanez has been amazing for the price I paid (£400 years ago) you may tip me over the edge :D


just purchased Thanks NeoTrix (y)


No no.. No please don't post 🎸... Can't control the burst inside... (y)


Damn! Why do these deals pop up when I'm completely boracic. :( Love to get this guitar.


I don't even play guitar but these are beautiful. HOT!!

SubZero SZ-IEM In-Ear Bluetooth Earphones £19.99 @ Gear 4 Music
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
I haven't seen anything comparable to Shure until now! In ear monitors, bluetooth and super cheap!
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I still have some shures so I’ll check it out.


Very good quality. You can buy something similar from gear best but these are pretty decent for the money. Most people will vote cold because it's a brand they haven't heard of. To be honest, you may be able to use the bluetooth part with a pair of Shure earphones. Good reviews:


So you recommend them? Looks good.

*Gear4music Clearance* B-Stock LA II Electric Guitar HSS Trans Red W/ AKG Open Box Headphones £97.97 Delivered
Found 14th Sep 2018Found 14th Sep 2018
Link To Guitar £69.99 Link to AKG DJ Headphones £24.99 Standard Weekday Delivery £2.99 Total £97.97 *Guitar and Headphones both supplied with a two year warranty* Please no… Read more
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AKG K181 DJ Headphones for £24.99


Here's a handy bit of kit if you don't want an ampAmazon LinkOr if you want a good deal on a practice amp:Link To Amp


I'm not sure why you paired headphones with this guitar? You cant just plug headphones into a guitar, you need an amp. Also only one in stock for both items.

*Gear4music Clearance* SubZero Vintage Sunburst Electric Guitar W/ Yamaha 15w Amp Delivered £155.96 @ Gear4music
Found 14th Sep 2018Found 14th Sep 2018
SubZero New Jersey III Electric Guitar, Vintage Sunburst Details Combining classic rock sounds with stunning vintage looks, the SubZero New Jersey III is perfect for aspiring g… Read more
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Be careful as I almost missed the fact that all the amps are gone now.


Much better, you can play this one

AKG K181 DJ UE Headphones £32.98 / AKG K181 DJ Headphones £27.48 Delivered @ Gear4Music
Found 30th Aug 2018Found 30th Aug 2018
AKG K181 DJ UE Headphones £32.98 / AKG K181 DJ Headphones £27.48 Delivered @ Gear4Music
£32.98£5034%Gear4music Deals
The K181 (non UE) have dropped another few quid, brill value for under £30 delivered. The updated UE version for £32.98 is worth another shout as well. They haven't dropped recentl… Read more

@NeoTrix As above, whats the difference between the UE and Non UE? I've googled UE and cannot find any reference to it. Thanks in advance


Are these wireless


Got these last time at around this price, sound quality is fine but they are rather tight on ears, not comfortable for long periods of time.


Apologies if this is a stupid question but whats the difference between UE and Non UE?


4% Quidco available

Sennheiser e604 Drum / Brass / Woodwind Microphone + 2 Year warranty £83.99 delivered @ Gear4Music
Found 2nd Jul 2018Found 2nd Jul 2018
Sennheiser e604 Drum / Brass / Woodwind Microphone + 2 Year warranty £83.99 delivered @ Gear4Music
£83.99£99.9916%Gear4music Deals
Was actually looking for a couple of mics for recording acoustic guitar, along with an internal mic for guitar percussion, but while looking saw this, which seems a bit of steal fo… Read more

Cheers, going for a Fishman Rare Earth Blend I think for that, and looking at condenser mics to go with it. Really want to pick out the percussion in there for recording, so many different sounds. Sounds awful on a single mic, although to be fair, much better than a phone cam, haha. Just looking at a whole new set up for it really. Wasn't looking at this for it, it just came up in the search as I was shopping around, so thought I'd share it. Thanks again :)


For recording acoustic guitar I'd use a small diaphragm condenser. An AKG C1000s is a good, affordable 'industry standard', mic often used for this purpose. The Senn e604 is primarily designed for live, on the road use.

Pair of JBL LSR305 Active Studio Monitors + Stands & 2 Year Warranty £189 Delivered @ Gear4Music (Free returns / 30 day money back guarantee)
Found 4th Jun 2018Found 4th Jun 2018
Pair of JBL LSR305 Active Studio Monitors + Stands & 2 Year Warranty £189 Delivered @ Gear4Music (Free returns / 30 day money back guarantee)
£189£23219%Gear4music Deals
Excellent with the stands included, been dropping slowly but surely. Can't go far wrong, they seem to get decent reviews as well. Still around £96 - £100+ per monitor elsewhere, w… Read more

Any other good deals going for a pair of these? :)


Really good speakers for the price. £180 for a pair so £9 for the stands can't be bad?


Yeh rang them up this morning , more than happy to help , will definitely use them again


The Anderson's bundle is now £217. You guys lucked out with the price match


I called them and asked for the two cables. They will send them next day delivery with a discount from £16 to £10. Fine by me. What an awesome shop.

AKG K181 DJ UE Headphones £32.98 / AKG K81 DJ Headphones £17.98 delivered​​ @ Gear4Music
Found 16th May 2018Found 16th May 2018
AKG K181 DJ UE Headphones £32.98 / AKG K81 DJ Headphones £17.98 delivered​​ @ Gear4Music
£32.98£5034%Gear4music Deals
Slowly creeping down in price on both of these, thought they were worth a shout again. Can't go far wrong with either, you can add an optional 6 year warranty on the K181 UE model … Read more

ah yeh... thanks for that. 8)


Hi, delivery isn't free on these, I added the delivery cost to the total price in the OP :)


How do you get free delivery? can only see options and cheapest is £1.99


Ultimate Edition... basically an updated version of the original K181's. 8)


Exactly what I was thinking....

AKG  K181 DJ headphones - £34.98 delivered @ Gear4music
Found 11th Apr 2018Found 11th Apr 2018
AKG K181 DJ headphones - £34.98 delivered @ Gear4music
Good price for these. Previously posted but at a slightly higher price. Optional 6 year warranty for £1.65! Silver version is cheaper at £30.98 delivered but is the older model. B… Read more
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in silver just for 27£ (cheeky) sorry...+ Delivery 3.99£ (CLICK & COLLECT locally) (pirate)


Have a pair myself, have owned lots of headphones over the years but don't rate these. They're very uncomfortable and the sound is nothing to shout about.




Are they the same as these? 32.99 but OOS - available to order though,


Good deal but your tunes are spaggage! I've heard 5 year olds mix better than you.

AKG K81 DJ Headphones + 2 year warranty £19.48 delivered @ Gear4Music
Found 27th Mar 2018Found 27th Mar 2018
AKG K81 DJ Headphones + 2 year warranty £19.48 delivered @ Gear4Music
Not too shabby at all for under £20, prices have been good on a few pairs of AKGs recently. Down to £16.99 + Delivery is £2.49. Didn't think it was bad at all really. Spec sheet… Read more

What makes you think I haven't?


You're talking rubbish - all you need for DJ headphones is for them to be extremely loud so that when you are on stage and the speakers are so loud because there are two thousand people listening to you you can actually monitor your mix correctly in time with the source and not the speakers which are delayed and believe me I've been DJing round the world for 20 years Great Find OP - just what I need - the amount of times my phones have gone missing or I forgot them these are perfect ;)


No £20 headphones are DJ headphones.




Can't say 100% but I can't see why it wouldn't be in there. Other places have them with the bag as part of the package. Also the PDF on the Gear4Music site shows it there, so it's likely -

DP-6 Digital Pianos - Various bundles From £285.98 - £325.98 Delivered @ Gear4Music
Found 22nd Feb 2018Found 22nd Feb 2018
DP-6 Digital Pianos - Various bundles From £285.98 - £325.98 Delivered @ Gear4Music
I like to dabble on the keys from time to time, predominantly a guitarist but as I don't have many mates that play instruments, I decided to get an M-Audio Keyboard so that I could… Read more

Cheers. Cool. I was thinking of maybe spending about £400-£500. Sorry to go on a bit but are there any other keyboards on places like Amazon that I should keep an eye on pricewise? I'm in no hurry basically.


Hi The Yamaha and Casio models I mentioned both have hammer action piano feel. With either of those you definitely won't be disappointed. (I'm a semi-pro pianist (and equipment enthusiast). They will feel like a real piano and give you a good and satisfying start to your playing career. If you want to spend more you will get more advanced features and quality and if look is important you can get a furniture-style one.


Thanks for the info. Just out of interest, why apart from the make should I go for one of those? I'm looking for one just to start out on the piano and learn a bit, not live playing or anything like that. Just wondering if it may be better spending a bit more and getting a keyboard with keys that really feel like a normal piano.


Price history shows the cheapest one in this thread having an average price of £359 and this being the cheapest it has been :)


Apologies, have I missed it somewhere? It says it's on Sale but from what price? :/

Pair of JBL LSR305 Active Studio Monitors with Stands + 2 Year Warranty £205.48 Delivered **Now £199** @ Gear4Music
Found 12th Feb 2018Found 12th Feb 2018
Update 02/03/18 - now £199 including del Thought these were worth a shout with the stands included, looking around the single speakers work out around £100+ each (After del … Read more

Can you recommend a 1,not too expensive?


Isn't this the standard price? How much are stands normally? edit: £50 . not bad.


Spent a long time researching bookshelf powered monitors a couple of weeks back due to seeing the 305s for sale. The consensus was that these aren't the best looking but sound wise they simply cannot be beaten. Even by powered speakers much more expensive.


I think they would do the job, they go pretty loud. But they are designed as near field studio monitors, not PA speakers. And if you want a thumping bass you'll probably want the sub. Or maybe go for the larger 308s? These are on offer too - £336 at gear4music - great price!


You can't connect a turntable to them directly - you need a phono amp inbetween.

AKG K181  DJ UE Headphones £36.98 Delivered at Gear4Music (Optional 6 year warranty for £1.75 extra)
Found 19th Jan 2018Found 19th Jan 2018
AKG K181 DJ UE Headphones £36.98 Delivered at Gear4Music (Optional 6 year warranty for £1.75 extra)
Worth a shout on these, everywhere else have them at £80+ - These are £34.99 + £1.99 delivered, so work out less than half the price of anywhere else. 2x 50mm Drivers and they are … Read more

Stonking deal, thanks for posting! Not sure about the over priced warranty..... God darn Hot Deals making people spend money.


Only in the US of A!


Very easy to pair with his andriod tablet


No, 5 meter detachable cable


Is it wireless too?

Audio Technica ATH-M20x Professional Monitor Headphones £42  Gear4music
Found 18th Jan 2018Found 18th Jan 2018
Audio Technica ATH-M20x Professional Monitor Headphones £42 Gear4music
Very cheap, very good reviews
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Yeh and there realy good


Looking for a pair of headphones for watching films on the tv . Anyone got these headphones


Hey guys I forgot to me these headphones cheaper on amazon so if you go on my profile into deals you can find the updated one at a cheaper price


Audio Technica are cracking Headphones. I have been using the M50x's for a couple of years now. These are really for home/studio use and are to large to be considered remotely portable..


I have these, very good sound for the price. Just be careful though, it may be me being unlucky but between me and the missus, I have had to send two back to Amazon. They aren't the most portable thing in the world, the cable is massive.

Zoom ARQ Aero RhythmTrak £174 @ Gear4music
Found 9th Jan 2018Found 9th Jan 2018
Zoom ARQ Aero RhythmTrak £174 @ Gear4music
A peculiar mixture of drum machine, midi controller, synth and other features. i guess this is end of line stock as there's a newer version. Mine arrived today, look forward to pl… Read more
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This looks really good for the price, being able to load your own samples from an sd card is huge plus point for me

Boss RC-3 Loop Station FX pedal @ Gear4Music £75 + delivery from £0.99
Found 31st Dec 2017Found 31st Dec 2017
Boss RC-3 Loop Station FX pedal @ Gear4Music £75 + delivery from £0.99
Well-regarded effect at a great price. Over £100 elsewhere.

Perfect if you can't play live. Sheeran vote hot now!


My bad (horror) (embarrassed) (highfive)


No, the RC-3 is £110 now. Link is to the RC-1 pedal at £75, which is an okay deal but a much more limited piece of kit


This should be unexpired, as far as I can tell.


Oops. Link was to the wrong pedal.