Gears of war £15.93 @ asda
Gears of war £15.93 @ asda

Gears of war £15.93 @ asda

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A Nightmare from Below. A Hero from Within.

The planet lies in ruin-cities crumbling, Man's greatest works fallen. Humanity is cornered, nowhere to run. The Locust Horde has risen, and they won't stop coming. They won't stop killing.

The Coalition is desperate for soldiers. The sick, the wounded, the imprisoned are all that remain. An inmate named Marcus Fenix, once left to die, is now charged with keeping humanity alive. He can take comfort in but one fact: The human race isn't extinct. Yet.


"Take cover and return fire!" with the intuitive one-button cover system to blind fire, evade, flank, and ultimately destroy the nightmarish Locust Horde.

Lead your ragtag squad as Marcus Fenix, or recruit a friend to play squadmate Dominic Santiago and complete the full cinematic campaign cooperatively-online or off.

Dominate online in Human vs. Locust squad-based multiplayer. Eliminate downed enemies with a kick to the head or a taste of your chainsaw bayonet.

Xbox Live System Requirements with Xbox 360 system and games: Paid membership required for online play. Some Xbox Live services and downloads require additional hardware (e.g. headset and camera) and fees. Features may change without notice. Subject to terms of use: xbox.com/liv…htm. Broadband Internet service and a Microsoft Passport account required. While most broadband Internet services will work with Xbox Live, some may not; check with your service provider. Xbox Live is not available in all countries, please to go xbox.com and select your country for details.


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[SIZE="7"]Before People Point Out It Is The Same Price As The Hut And Love Film [/SIZE]


[SIZE="7"]Before People Point Out It Is The Same Price As The Hut And … [SIZE="7"]Before People Point Out It Is The Same Price As The Hut And Love Film [/SIZE]

Cheaper elsewhere, especially online

Only £14.49 at Powerplay Direct with free postage for the classic version.
Can anyone tell me the difference? Thanks
Also 2% voucher and Quidco too.

Classics is just a cheaper version of the game, so now it'll be around £20 in shops instead of £40.Same game as full price game.

14.99 in store at my local hmv

Great price.

Been playing this game since November '06. Will continue doing so until the new one comes out this November. Gears never loses its fun factor. Brilliant online.

best game ever on the 360
it has stood the test of time
well worth it as you can still play online after nearly 2 years

I play Sniper Elite for PC online - fantastic fun. A really under-rated game. You don't see it very often now, but if you can pick up a cheap copy, give it a go.

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ok ill buy it and have a go
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