Gears of War 2 @ Game.co.uk (Preowned) for £4.99 @ Game
Gears of War 2 @ Game.co.uk (Preowned) for £4.99 @ Game

Gears of War 2 @ Game.co.uk (Preowned) for £4.99 @ Game

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I know the game is pretty old but for £4.99 you can't go wrong.

Recently got a Xbox 4gb slim, so I just ordered this for myself.


CE is the same price instore.

HOT!! This is a must own game

Something that does annoy me with the Game/Gamestation/Gameplay group is they don't have the same pricing throughout their stores and online, means more shops to visit and like most on here, I just want the best deal!

Very good game, very nice price. Voted hot.

Excellent game. And so is the first.

Sold this shortly after completing it as I'm not too keen on the Gears multiplayer. Tempted to rebuy it again now... great game!

hot, many thanks ordered

GoW also has 30x XP weekend coming up later in the year so get practicing the multiplayer

A truly excellent game - can't go wrong for a fiver!


Great price. I still play this regularly online!


Great price. I still play this regularly online!

Horde? How many times have you got to the end? Me? Never! Cos everyone leaves after about 25 waves! The biggest letdown of Gears2 is the lack of host migration. Annoying as their online modes are excellent, much rather play them than fragfest COD

Enjoy this on your new xbox.....gr8 game

This is a good game but the physics are ridiculous you shoot someone forty times they surivive they shoot you once, you die. Well worth buying at this price, Hot!

Gears 1 is where it was at though, was the best game I've ever played, was an amazing experience on-line and off-line, at it's peak was immense playing for 24 hours straight at some periods.

And the lone fish against the tide.... This is a crap game, sure the visuals look great but it's a bit of a bore overall - I bought it based on all these sort of comments....

Luckily, I paid £4.99 for it 2 months ago at Game as well

So far on Xbox 360 I've enjoyed:

COD MW2 - great game.

Bioshock 2 - not as good as above though.

Played Gears1. Playing Gears 2. In the first I got a bit peeved with having to restart the game and sometimes sit through 2 mins of film footage (not a gamer but you should know what I mean eg final boss fight - don't need to be wasting time seeing the same intro clip over n over). Thankfully Gears 2 restarts closer to your last point of death.

I bought mine, its cheaper than ebay bidding for one.

Great game and price, heat for you.

Received and installed to hard drive to check disc fine. Came with a manual too, when I got Gears of War there was no manual but I went into town and they gave me one.
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