Gears of War 2 (Xbox 360) - £29.99 delivered @ Amazon.
Gears of War 2 (Xbox 360) - £29.99 delivered @ Amazon.

Gears of War 2 (Xbox 360) - £29.99 delivered @ Amazon.

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I know it's on offer elsewhere (Play?) for the same price (and there is no Quido @ Amazon but there are Nectar points), however I think it is still worth posting.

The Locust Horde is back and only you and your squad of elite soldiers stand between them and the death of every human being on the planet Sera. In Gears of War 2, entire cities are being destroyed in single attacks, and you must take the fight to the Locusts by battling them in their own underground lairs.

The bestselling third-person shooter is back: bigger, better, and gorier than ever before. But you can't just blast your way through it--this game requires far more tactics and cunning than your usual mindless shooter. A refined cover system means you can use the enemy as meat shields as well as hide behind the fully destructible scenery.

The graphics are looking better than ever, and the game is purposefully more bloody and violent than before. The story and characterisation has also been improved, making this an action game sequel with brains as well as brawn.

Key Features

Brothers in arms: Have a friend join or leave your single player game whenever you want, and even battle together on different difficultly levels.

Evolving enemies: You finally get a chance to take down the giant Brumak enemies, as well as even larger monsters and new creatures, such as the explosive Ticker.

Practise makes perfect: Practice the multiplayer mode on your own with computer controlled bots--then use the new matchmaking system to find a real opponent of the same skill level.

Chainsaw massacre: If you loved the chainsaw bayonet in the original game, you now can duel computer or human opponents with gamings messiest weapon attachment.

Hordes of options: Try the new five-player Horde mode, where you all face off against an unending wave of enemies, or any of the seven other multiplayer modes.

Product Features

Unparalleled gameplay. "Gears of War 2" takes the award-winning gameplay of the original and improves upon it in every way. The genre-defining cover system is further refined, making the "stop and pop" gameplay more intuitive. Dynamic cover is given new meaning as downed opponents can be picked up and used as shields. The intimate violence of the battlefield is heightened when combatants engage in chainsaw duels. Destructible environments and vicious new finishing moves add to the over-the-top experience

Jaw-dropping visuals. "Gears of War 2" continues to raise the graphics bar through its breathtaking visual effects, made possible through advances in Unreal Engine 3

Engaging experience that pulls you in and won't let go. "Gears of War 2" takes deep and immersive storytelling in video games to greater heights. Players connect with humanity's battle for survival on a personal level as they move through a story that introduces new characters and sheds light on the histories of familiar ones

Expanded cooperative play. Team up with a friend to fight through the harrowing story of Delta Squad in the enhanced campaign mode, now featuring drop-in/drop-out gameplay, as well as individual player difficulty options. Or recruit four friends to battle in the new game mode "Horde," where you'll fight together to fend off a seemingly endless onslaught of Locust forces to attain the highest score

Fierce and varied competitive multiplayer action. "Gears of War 2" features eight distinct multiplayer modes,2 including the new Wingman, Guardian and Submission modes, where up to 10 players choose a side and pit their courage and battlefield mettle directly against others. In addition, multiplayer bots are available to sharpen your skills offline or to fill out your online private matches on Xbox LIVE

Party system and skill-based online matchmaking. New to "Gears of War 2" is a party system that allows players to form a full or partial team with friends and continue together from match to match without the need to reform after each game. "Gears of War 2" also supports a skill-based online matchmaking system, powered by TrueSkill, which groups players of similar skill level together in competitive multiplayer matches.


Play has a slower delievery time, but you still have the chance of the RAC code and maybe some quidco so warm for me.

Well the price is heading in the right direction. Im gona wait until it is around £20 - £25.

also seen it instore today at zavvi at this price, if you don't want to risk delivery before xmas :thumbsup:

My friend bought this about 4 days ago from amazon for £37

not bad, got it on release for £31 at tesco entertainment. a must buy game! good online too!

I'm VERY tempted.

Although knowing my luck it'll be reduced to £19.99 next week!


Play has a slower delievery time, but you still have the chance of the … Play has a slower delievery time, but you still have the chance of the RAC code and maybe some quidco so warm for me.

Unless you pay for the 1st class delivery, i find amazon's super saver delivery the slowest of the lot, even than HMV who are in guernsey so fair enough.:thinking:

same price instore at Zavvi

Outstanding game,
Voted hot
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