Gears of War 4 (XB1) £11.99 used @ Grainger games

Gears of War 4 (XB1) £11.99 used @ Grainger games

Found 22nd Mar 2017
This is the lowest ive ever seen this game drop to.
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more like it. Good shout!
Hot, i really was impressed with this game in HDR. £12 is a steal.
Scorchio !!!
boiling its nitro heat oO
The game is great in terms of multiplayer. Horde mode might as well call it horse mode as everyone seems to leave after match is found lol.

Campaign is ok but not great, rest will continue in Gears of War 5
Hot deal. Nice one for the info, ordered
Good price.
Definitely £10 preowned xmas time X) Found it for £10 at Smyths couple of weeks ago, but didn't bother
Very nice! I knew that it would drop from the £20 at which I bought the game (new), but perhaps not quite this quickly.

On a related point, would anyone happen to have a 10% discount code from a recent purchase that I might be able to use (for a different item)? All being well, I ought to get a code myself that I could send straight back.

Scorchio !!!

The Scorchio isent out yet!
I really want to get this to go with my other consoles. But I'm on the fence waiting for Project Scorpio.
Cheers mate - finally bit. Can't wait to play this... well after I see off Forza Horizon 3 first...
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