Gears of War 4 + Xbox Controller £49.99  @ Amazon Prime day

Gears of War 4 + Xbox Controller £49.99 @ Amazon Prime day

Found 11th Jul 2017
Amazon Prime member deal

Gears of War 4 + Xbox Controller


@ Amazon…KSC
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Amazon changed it to GOW4 when it went live
£41.85 at checkout for me must be to do with student account again.
I need a new controller so was watching this. No wonder I couldn't find it though with them changing the package, and I've already got GOW4!

Ah well, I'll just get the controller by itself for a couple of quid cheaper than Amazon from Simply Games then.
Ive just got my Xbox One S today so was waiting on this deal for the controller but it doesn't appear to be a good deal in the slightest.

Practically new condition controllers going for £30 to Amazon Prime members and GOW4 is £13 so this deal is really quite poor.

Any further recommendations for picking either a controller or GOW4 up separately?
The Red Controller deal goes live at 5pm, and that's stated as with Halo Wars 2.

Keep your eyes on that.
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