Gears of War £7.95 (pre-owned) Xbox360 or part of 4 for £20 @ Blockbuster
Gears of  War £7.95 (pre-owned) Xbox360 or  part of 4 for £20 @ Blockbuster

Gears of War £7.95 (pre-owned) Xbox360 or part of 4 for £20 @ Blockbuster

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'Gears of War' is the game you've been waiting for. One of the most anticipated titles to hit the Xbox 360, the game is designed to take advantage of everything the console can do, and is truly a 'next-gen' game of the highest order. A glorious amalgamation of breathtaking gameplay and incredible visuals, 'Gears of War' is a gory, terrifying, delightful treat, which makes the likes of 'Dead Rising' look like a children's tea party.

You take control of Marcus Fenix, a disgraced one-time war hero with a chip on his shoulder. He's sent to the front lines to take on the evil Locust Horde, a disgusting race of creatures bent on taking over the planet. With a formidable arsenal of weapons at your disposal, you'll lead a team of mercenaries through beautifully destroyed landscapes as you try to wipe out the vicious alien threat.

Gameplay is incredible, giving you unparalleled control over the central character. Making the most of the 360 controller, you can throw Fenix across the game environment in a totally immersive way. As well as looking and playing fantastically well, 'Gears of War' sounds magnificent; the disturbing shriek of the Locust Horde stays with you long after shutting down the console, and the game comes fully loaded with a beautiful Hollywood-esque soundtrack.

All of these details make 'Gears of War' a fantastic experience, but it's in multiplayer mode where the game really comes to life. There are 3 ways to play against each other on Xbox Live Warzone Mode pits 2 teams of 4 against each other (one team of Humans, one Locust) where the last team standing wins. Execution Mode is similar to this but involves executing your enemies, and Assassination Mode is to do with killing the opponent's leader to win. Also, for the first time on Xbox 360, there's the possibility to play the entire game in co-op mode. This essentially means that you and a friend will be able to play the full game together on two different consoles! This revolution puts 'Gears of War' head and shoulders above the rest, adding a whole new dimension to single player gaming.

'Gears of War' is delight from start to finish. It's brutal, tenacious and compelling, and in the same way 'Final Fantasy 7' was a reason to buy a PlayStation, 'Gears of War' is the reason that you, if you don't already, NEED to own an Xbox 360.

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