Gears of War + Black Xbox 360 Wireless Controller £34.98 delivered @ GAME
As the title says, gears of war and a BLACK wireless controller for £34.98.
I know you can get wireless controllers cheaper, but if you want a black one they are more expensive, cheapest I can find is £25.99 at choices for the controller alone and the cheapest gears of war is £12.49.


Superb deal. Already have GoW though.

Anyone know how much trade in they'll give for Top Spin 3?

Great deal this. Voted hot.

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They also have have other deals but more expensive like:

COD 4 + Black wireless controller for £59.98


Brothers in Arms Hells Highway + Black wireless controller for £59.98

hopefully quidco comes under games and not accessories, if so it is 11%!

I got Gears of War about a month ago for £10 from Dixons so it's a fairly standard deal really, but if the price has gone up then it's good.

Good deal. Voted Hot!

Is this game any good for more than one player?

Black/White pads in GAME are £19.99 "When Bought With Anything Else Instore", the Black Play/Charge Kit is also £9.99 WBW, so £29.98 for a full wireless pad/battery/charge cable kit is pretty good.

I was about to get just the battery pack to get the pad at the WBW price when the guy at the counter said I could get the Play and charge kit at the same price.


Is this game any good for more than one player?

2 player co-operative, online multiplayer as well, I'd say it is :thumbsup:


Is this game any good for more than one player?

are you joking?

this is one of the best games ever made - Single & Multiplayer (+co-op)

& with Gears 2 coming in just over 3 weeks - playing the 1st is a must.

* great achievements aswell

In my opinion, GOW is the best single player game out at the moment on the 360.

Anyone who hasn't got it / played it, should buy it NOW, then prepare for the sequel on 7th Nov :thumbsup:

sweet black retro style controller http://photo-shack.com/img/959a557f5f6beb411fd954f3f34b21c3.gif
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