Gears Of War + The Darkness (XBox 360) = 35.00

Gears Of War + The Darkness (XBox 360) = 35.00

Found 14th Mar 2008
Bought separately these games cost 25 pounds each but both are part of the Argos 2 for 35 pounds offer and a great price for a great pair of games. If by any chance these arent to your taste, there are others to choose from. Though to be honest these are probably the best of the bunch. Take it from someone who has advantage of this great price. And when you're done, GAME will give you 17 pounds for your copy of Gears. Great Bargain or Best Bargain?


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Heres a ]link to The Darkness

Really good deal but nothing new (this deal has been on at Argos for ages).

I got Gears of War and Virtua Tennis for £35 about 2 months ago.

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True, it isnt new, but considering the price cut in the xbox only today. I assumed a lot of people would be looking to get new games and seeing as though i couldn't find the offer anywhere on the site (at least easily), it was probably a good idea to submit it.
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