Gears Of War [Xbox 360] - £7.00 Delivered @ CeX
Gears Of War [Xbox 360] - £7.00 Delivered @ CeX

Gears Of War [Xbox 360] - £7.00 Delivered @ CeX

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Product Description

One of the most highly rated games of E3, Gears of War is looking likely to be the Xbox 360's Christmas blockbuster with the best graphics yet seen on the system and a tactical twist on the usual shoot `em-up gameplay.
With Halo still at least a year out this is currently the Xbox 360's premier exclusive shoot `em-up. Using a third person, over the shoulder, view rather than the usual first person viewpoint the game emphasis the importance of cover and tactics rather than just running and gunning. The question of cover becomes particularly important given the impressively destructible environments you fight in, which create a constantly shifting battlefield for you to navigate. As you'd expect the game also contains an extensive suite of multiplayer and co-op modes for play over Xbox Live.
Most exciting moment: The graphics are stunning, nearly photorealistic, but the greatest guilty pleasure in the game so far is the "chainsaw bayonet" and the OTT spurt of gore it extracts from bad guys.
Gears of War developers Epic Games are also responsible for the Unreal Engine 3 graphics engine which is used in many other games from Assassin's Creed to Lost Odyssey.


So much aclaim but I have to say I was very dissapointed with GoW. I even sold it before I completed it which is unheard of. Felt chunky to me and almost sluggish.

Much prefer Bioshock over this, not really a great deal for what was essentially one of the early releases for the system.......

Not voted.

IMO the best game ever made

Online was(is?) amazing

Gears of War 2 ruined the party a little

GoW still No.1 :thumbsup:

is it second hand? as cex often is?
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