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GECKOTA® 316L Stainless Steel Tapered Solid Mesh Butterfly Buckle 20mm £29 + Free Delivery @ ebay/watchgecko store
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GECKOTA® 316L Stainless Steel Tapered Solid Mesh Butterfly Buckle 20mm £29 + Free Delivery @ ebay/watchgecko store

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Posted 22nd Jun

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Yes, I know, that vendor again - though I am looking out for a 20mm stainless steel strap!

Can't see this one on their website Clearance, how about this if you're looking for a 20mm?

Was on Amazon but OOS now

Only thing I can find referring to this Geckota strap's previous pricing, is a cached Amazon page that says £58
(unless your web-sleuthing skills are better than mine!)

Edit: An opinion (and picture) quickly reviewing this strap from Watchuseek member BlueSmokeLounge here
3251223.jpgExample of the strap on a watch (obviously you don't get the watch!)3251223.jpgGeckota presents the Tapered Solid Mesh with butterfly clasp. It features a high quality butterfly push button buckle mechanism. Designed and constructed from solid links, with polished centre links webbed together creating a solid mesh structure making the watch strap very comfortable to wear as well as looking great!

The side ends of the watch straps have been mirror polished to make a premium looking metal mesh watch strap. The strap also tapers by 2mm from the watch end to the buckle end creating a slim fitting when wearing the watch bracelet.

We have used high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel, for greater resistance to corrosion (beware of cheap imitations). Professionally made with attention to detail that won't disappoint you. The buckle is stamped 'Geckota' on the underside for your reassurance of quality.

The strap has 9 removable links each measuring 8mm in length, which makes the minimum adjusted length of this strap 105mm. The removable links are fastened with split pins.

  • Length(s): 105mm min / 175mm max
  • Thickness: 3.5mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Material Type: 316L Grade
  • Material Finish: Polished / Brushed
  • Material Colour: Silver
  • Type: Butterfly Buckle
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Brushed
  • Special Features: Adjustable
  • Fittings Supplied: Spring Bars
  • Condition: New
  • Style: Solid Mesh

Of course, ebay - in Black or Silver from £14.92 (and Ali - though this £18.44 listing says 316L Stainless Steel*) have a knockoff, with a different clasp to the Geckota. But judging the thickness/quality of the steel is an unknown quantity - these must be the "cheap imitations" WatchGecko tell us to be wary of !

(Edit: WatchGecko also have an article comparing cheap vs more reputable mesh stainless steel straps here). There's even a video:
Assume watchgecko's ebay store has some discontinued items? This strap"Perforated Sport D-1 Leather Padded Watch Strap in Black or Blue, 20mm or 22mm" (£12) isn't on their main website either.3251223.jpg*On Watchuseek one member stated the Chinese say anything to make a sale - of course not all sellers are unscrupulous, but all we have to go by is Customer Feedback.
Maybe Aliexpress buyers aren't as discerning (?). I may gamble on a "316L Stainless" Aliexpress watch bracelet as a test purchase, as well.
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There's also this "Geckota Rastrick Solid Links Stainless Steel Watch Strap" at 20mm watchgecko.com/gec…rap - hmm, with code NEWSLETTER it's £16.20. But I prefer the ebay one!
37915818-WAEPV.jpg(With Brushed/Polished links)
37915818-r0UGw.jpg(Brushed links)
37915818-rDbHi.jpg37915818-9MTC6.jpgHere's Watchuseeker NOTSHARP wearing a Rastrick37915818-vzdAA.jpg(Can't see much forum chatter about the Rastrick, I see more discussions about the Super Engineer or Super Oyster)
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Don't know if the 10% off coupon code NEWSLETTER * only can be used once (on the WatchGecko website only!), if so, WATCHUSEEK ** also works (10% off) - mentioned here on the WatchGecko website.

WATCHGECKO also works.

*Turns out you can use the code more than once
**Edit: I suspect WATCHUSEEK code works only if you spend a minimum amount, eg, it didn't work with a £30-ish order I tested.
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Wow that solid mesh is a beauty!
I like the Beads Of Rice bracelet as well, but it's pricier - £58 before discount code
37925058-Dmuyz.jpgFrom another thread, WUSer omega130037925058-e7Gsi.jpgI got excited when I heard the postie - one bracelet I got from Clearance was shipped by Royal Mail pretty quickly - my packages today were just freebies (perfume 1.5ml spray and dog food sample!)

Edit: (From the above WUS thread) X2-Elijah makes some good points here

"...I also advise to get a pack of quick-release springbars from ebay (dirt cheap) and "mod" the straps to take those QR bars. Makes strap changing easier and less likely to scratch lugs. (The "mod" = just make a single straight incision on the bottom where the QR bar's stud should go through. Takes 5 seconds to do)."

"...Another great source in europe is watch-band-center (just google it, verbatim), a germany-based webstore. Less fancy website, but also reliable and with a much larger range of straps. SOME of the straps on watchgecko are also found on watchbandcenter under their generic manufacturer names, for less $$$. (Sidenote - don't buy Meyhofer straps. Every time I've picked up a Meyhofer, I've regretted it. Most of the time they aren't even cut straight!)"

*Finding watchbandcenter to be a bit pricey, unless X2-Elijah is referring to their leather straps. Will have a root around.
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Jeez Louise ( sorry, I couldn't resist) that beads of rice bracelet is beautiful, I wonder if the skx end pieces would fit my save the oceans turtle?
PhilthyPhil26/06/2019 20:16

Jeez Louise ( sorry, I couldn't resist) that beads of rice bracelet is …Jeez Louise ( sorry, I couldn't resist) that beads of rice bracelet is beautiful, I wonder if the skx end pieces would fit my save the oceans turtle?

I've gone a bit strap-daft. I put a bid in for a bracelet this morning and also for a Geckota Strap bundle (their ebay store seems to do them, I've just discovered) - I'm banning myself from looking!

The Beads Of Rice and this Tapered Solid Mesh are probably my two favourites. I like a lot of the "racing style" leather bands, too. (Bit of the tomboy in me)
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Anyone curious to know what's in the "Geckota Bargain Pack"s...(they're random selections - no spring bars included). The red one, six along, is leather, though it doesn't look that way.37979745-XIXnU.jpg
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