GECUBE X1950Pro 512MB GDDR3 DVI PCI-E - £105.18 DELIVERED!!!
GECUBE X1950Pro 512MB GDDR3 DVI PCI-E - £105.18 DELIVERED!!!

GECUBE X1950Pro 512MB GDDR3 DVI PCI-E - £105.18 DELIVERED!!!

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I know the price of graphics cards are steadily falling as DX10 becomes more mainstream but for a card of this quality with a MASSIVE 512MB of memory this is a very very good price.


Product Features

* Powered by ATI RADEON® RV570 GPU
* A 80-nanometer process GPU, a new ultra-threaded core 3D processing architecture
* 256-bit (512-bit Internal Ring Bus) 512MB GDDR3
* 36 parallel pixel pipelines
* PCI Express x16 lane native support
* Dual DVI (Double Dual-link) + HDTV + D-sub + HDCP DVI to HD(MI) TV support via HD Video Dongle.
* Crypto ROM build-in key with native HDCP decoding for Blu-ray and HD-DVD applications @1080i video quality.
* ATIs Avivo technology connects to home entertainment devices and creates true-to-life image reproduction, and the smoothest video playback ever offered by ATI. Get high image fidelity with CRT and LCD displays, TVs, rear projection and plasma TVs, and projectors.
* New ultra-threaded core 3D architecture with ATIs revolutionary Avivo video and display technology to drive performance to new heights with incredible speed and intense 3D graphics.
* The native Radeon® X1950Pro CrossFire is ready; Ready to deliver multi-GPU gaming performance.
* Shader Model 3.0
* New High Dynamic Range features visual effects, and enhances realism with adaptive anti-aliasing and lightening fast performance.
* Accelerated MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX,WMV9, VC-1, and H.264 decoding.
* CATALYST: Full Windows Vista LDDM support including Aero Glass visuals.

There is also a bargain priced 256mb version made by Sapphire at just £101.41 here:
(This is the cheapest X1950pro I have ever come across).


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Lol, now out of stock, looks like it helped out 8 lucky people. Clicking expired.

man... Thats exactly what I'm looking for, is about £130 elsewhere...

I wouldn't worry about not getting in on this one in time.

I had a faulty GeCube X1600. The shop were reluctant to replace it because it had a manufacturers' warranty, and GeCube don't reply to their email form, which is the *only* way of contacting them. I sent 5 different emails over the space of a few months and never got a reply to any of them.

In the end I moaned hard enough at the shop for them to replace it, but it wasn't easy. I would never buy GeCube again.

Plenty more offers to come with dx10 cards falling pretty quick. Wouldnt worry about missing out either - can get a 640mb dx10 card for under £200 now (and I doubt it'll stay that high for more than a couple of weeks).

nothing uses dx10 yet...no point


And ?
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