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Oneplus 6 (Snapdragon 845 8GB 128GB 20.0MP+16.0MP Dual Rear Cameras Android 8.1 NFC) £330 Delivered via EU Priority @ Geekbuying
31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019Found 21st JanFound 21st Jan
Thanks to Pogo85 over at MyDealz for the code on this, making it a decent saving on the Oneplus 6, and it comes via Hong Kong using Priority shipping, so should reach the UK betwee… Read more

custom charges?


Is it brand new or used?


£329.91 Geekbuying (including shipping) £355 AliExpress (via DHL so likely to incur customs charges) £399 eGlobal £388.59 GearBest This looks like the cheapest price by some margin!


I think it needs android 9 to work properly but maybe. Defo worth a look into it. Here's a video that shows the different and tells you where to download it from


Can that go on any android phone.?

Tronsmart True Wireless Headphones - £28.77 @ geekbuying
Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaFound 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Currently cheaper on Amazon for a few hours, but Hot UK Deals would rather you shop in China. Great sounding headphones. Bluetooth 5.0. 12 hours battery life. What's not to like? … Read more
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Are they the E19 you got?


Yea that’s a lightning deal that’s ended.


Love the video on Amazon. Spunky headphones, hmm.


They are a steal for the price. Very nice case that pops open and swivels round to reveal the headphones. The ear fins make them secure and comfortable for long period. Plus they sound fantastic straight out of the box. Tried similar wireless earbuds and had to mess around with the equaliser to make them sound half decent.

Kugoo S1 electric scooter! M365 killer £273.66 at geekbuying
Shipping from PolandShipping from PolandFound 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Kugoo S1 folding electric scooter with 350w motor & LCD display. Pay using PayPal for added peace of mind. Shipped from EU. So no import duty. Highlights 8.5 Inch Solid Rear A… Read more

Some items on that spec sheet definitely seem weird. 3 speed modes on one key but also one key to control speed and one to brake... so is it more like cruise control than a throttle? You set the speed and the scooter maintains it without you being able to alter it? Shorter charging time can indicate a smaller battery. More power is good for higher top speeds but it has less torque so won't be setting off as quickly from the lights. Non-pneumatic tyres are a matter of personal preference but I'd rather have a bit of air to act as suspension when riding around.


Have they been hovering around $400 on AliExpress for a while? Much prefer this to a two month wait with GearBest!


Find parts, repair guides or firmware updates for this “clone”. Now find for M365. Weigh in minimal difference in price.


You pay via PayPal, so even if you are hit by customs. You can raise dispute and claim your money back


I've been over this before; they use a well known freight forwarding scam to get around paying duty; eventually HMRC picks it up and people start getting hit with duty fees, at which point they switch to a different warehouse in a different country - typically these are in the poorer EU states where the bribes are cheaper.

Oneplus 6T 6.41" Snapdragon 845 6GB 128GB 16.0MP+20.0MP Android 9.0 In-Display Fingerprint NFC Fast Charge Mirror Black £403 @ Geekbuying
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Use a fee free card and pay in $ for best price Be aware of potential customs charges No warranty, buy at own risk 6.41-inch Optic AMOLED, 2.5D Corning® Gorilla® Glass 6,Capacitiv… Read more
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This is major Chinese retailer, good offers


eBay ones for £423 I think and they claim to offer their own 1yr warranty and no customs fees.

Magnetic Bluetooth Sports Earphones - Black £1.63 delivered using code at Geekbuying
05/02/2019Expires on 05/02/2019Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Looks like a good set of headohones for the gym, and great price at just £1.63 delivered after using coupon code TJIZKOZK It supports WeChat, car navigation, QQ voice software, vo… Read more

Bought something similar to this from Zapals a few months back. Battery lasts around a couple of hours for me, can't complaint, still works for me, sorry, I paid a bit less than this (around £1.53) still a good offer for people who missed out on the previous deal.


Same I bought 2 and the battery dies fast and sound is low. No good for being on public transport.


+1 and it's less than a couple of quid ;)


I bought a similar lookkng device once and it literally lasted a few hours. The volume rocket bit fell apart.


Wondering if they're any better than these I'll try and find out if I ever receive it.

Netac N600S 720GB SSD 2.5 Inch Solid State Drive @ geekbuying
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Seems like a lot of GB per £, although I have no experience with Netac. Anybody have one of these SSD's?

Other than the fact this could be a failed 960GB drive repurposed, even if that's not the case you could get stung for VAT and customs, which could bring the price up to the £75 mark, give or take. I know where I'd rather put my money and it's not here.


I wouldn't trust the site with my payment details and I wouldn't trust the drive with my important files. I've never heard of a 720gb drive before which is odd but not necessarily an indicator of a bad drive however it's not uncommon to see Chinese brands using lower quality/lower capacity drives and flashing the drive in such a way so that they appear bigger than they are so that the drive seems to be good until the user fills past its actual capacity then files begin to get corrupted. Also the title for the drive claims 500MBps speeds but the first review on the site shows a crystal disk mark run where the highest result was 285MBps. I'd buy just about any other drive before this thing.


I have one of these but smaller capacity in my old Linux desktop, along with a 1TB hdd ... all my important documents live on the hdd. I do Timeshift of the OS whenever I decide to upgrade the kernel. Nothing to worry about so far.


Nothing wrong with Netac as a make, they have been around for a while, but the supplier in this case makes this deal just a fantasy, this price is surely missing the taxes that will be added on when customs finds it


Best thing to do is reformat drive and do read write tests... I have had a for different builds some good reliable SSD from aliexpress but you really got to sit and read the reviews

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Special Edition 5.99 Inch 4G LTE Smartphone 8GB 128GB 12.0MP Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 £240 (fee free) £252 @ Geekbuying
Found 22nd Dec 2018Found 22nd Dec 2018
Get this price by paying in dollars with a fee free card, and customs may also be a possible factor, at the very least £15. Ive always loved the way this phone looks with the gold… Read more

Sirocco 1 gear down, still very good value that price


Just to point out this is slightly slimmer than the standard version and slightly shorter. It uses a full ceramic uni body and not a metal chassis like the standard version. Because it's full ceramic it doesn't need the ugly antenna bands either. It feels and looks premium. It's a bargain at this price.


How is this Vs the current Nokia 8 Sirocco deal for ~£240?


joyeux Noël to you and yours mate :D


Exactly, happy Xmas mate 🎄

X96 MAX Amlogic S905X2 Android 8.1 4GB DDR4 64GB eMMC 4K TV Box KODI 18.0 with LED Display Dual Band WiFi, for £48.53, at GeekBuying
Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaFound 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
X96 MAX Amlogic S905X2 Android 8.1 4GB DDR4 64GB eMMC 4K TV Box KODI 18.0 with LED Display Dual Band WiFi Bluetooth Gigabit LAN USB3.0, for £48.53, at GeekBuying. This has arguab… Read more

A keyword alert 24 days later (lol) (lol)


Sorry to sound ignorant I am looking for a tv box have free day humax box that has broken on the recording side ... would this do the same job? What is android tv? Does it record


Firstly I've neither bought from, and/or Posted anything from AliExpress here anything ever ... So apart from the obvious 'adage' of "I wouldn't therefore know that", etc etc?. We also have a few other obvious ( + perhaps also not so obvious), scenario's here too: Number one, there's literally 1001 online 'options' out there right? (BangGood, GearBest, LightInTheBox, Focus, JoyBuy, and ... ) the list is LITERALLY ENDLESS? (INCLUDING eBay, etc - which from one Day to the next MIGHT produce a 'cheaper option', who knows?), that aside (but with that in-kind even is this), it's physically impossible to research them alllllll in a 'mechanical fashion', right?. Which nicely ties in nicely with point number two, which is this, from alllllll the one's mentioned in my above 'list', my own Deal is via none of them (both directly, and indirectly proving my point exactly). Additionally, as mine is via 'another' (in this particular case GeekBuying), for all anyone knows, this could potentially definately be the cheapest EVER for GeekBuying (for all anyone knows?, so ... ) Which directly ties in with both number three and number four here ... Number three (with the above's in mind), everyone has a 'preference' (I'm not in anyway saying that mine is the 'preferred choice' for many, in any regards, nope!). But you'll get some out there that blatantly for eg. prefer GearBest over BangGood (irrespective of who's cheaper?), and/or visa-versa?. And number four, you'll get others who prefer Amazon over Curry's, because Amazon's customer services may be better (even IF Curry's own prices for a particular product at the time may actually be wayyyyyy cheaper?!). And in a similar vain, other also prefer John Lewis over alllllll, because of their legendary 2-5 Year guarantee's upon everything they sell (even IF they're cheaper 'competitors options' out there at the time?). And number five is ... The list is literally endless basically?, hehehehe. But I think we get the point?. :-) GeekBuying is fine basically, and the price for my initial Deal, is a fair price also (for what it is anyway?). Though I committed no cardinal sin by presenting my Deal for the price I did, lol, I do appreciate your comment, as I do am always open' to cheaper 'options' of the exact same 'like for like' as well (like everyone is?). :-) But saying all that, that doesn't exactly make my Deal a pointless one either, does it?. It simply makes it slightly 'different', that's all ... :-D


Why is it considered 'a deal' if its standard price on Aliexpress ? One out of many :,searchweb201602_1_10065_10068_319_317_10548_10696_10192_453_10084_454_10083_10618_431_10307_10821_10301_537_536_10059_10884_10887_100031_321_322_10103,searchweb201603_53,ppcSwitch_0_ppcChannel


Sure, just like all those Chinese 4K and full hd projectors on Amazon.

Huawei Honor Magic Smart Watch 1.2 Inch AMOLED - £92 with voucher @ GeekyBuying
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
Seems like a decent deal. Apply the voucher 'EGWQNPDV' at checkout. 5ATM Water Resistant 2.5D capacitive touch screen Phone-Free Music Online pay Long time standby for 5 days F… Read more

Had high hopes for these but dumping Wear OS lost my interest.




Huawei looks nicer and has better waterproofing, but will it take a while to arrive? Also, as @mr0al mentions, is geekbuying good for delivery or return problems? Looks a hot price though Even at £87 the Ticwatch E looks good. Bonus too that it will arrive via Prime and is fulfilled by Amazon.


No such luck here. Oh well, I should probably resist the temptation to buy anyway, but at £57 it would have been a steal!


Have a look at the Watch E here - TicWatch E There was a £30 voucher last night that I used to take it to £57 - not showing for me now and they may have removed it? Have a look on the page to see if there is a promotional voucher for you.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 6.39 Inch 4G LTE Smartphone Snapdragon 845 6GB 128GB £413.82 @ Geekbuying
Found 4th Dec 2018Found 4th Dec 2018
Please note that this is a straight conversion from dollars to pounds, add arou d £15 on if you pay in GBP. Also note this a is still the Chinese version, so if you are unsure on … Read more

I can wait till next Christmass, no rush ;)



Yep, the notch on the 6T is as much as I can do but some camera comments have put me off and I like the look of that ceramic back. Plus the mix 3 has got wireless charging and great GPS


Yeah, I don't blame you, if the mate 20 pro had the notch of the mate 20, it would be more appealing, I know that's a little fickle, but the notch really spoils it for me!


Im pretty much set on the mix 3 too. There's just way too many, with similar specs to choose from at the moment and i don't want to spend a fortune on the Mate 20 Pro. I might wait a while for either a better site or the global version or a price I can't refuse.

Hanging Car Seat Storage Bag £4.01 @ Geekbuying
Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaFound 29th Nov 2018Found 29th Nov 2018
I thought this looked like a really good idea - especially for the price, just something for the kids to put their drinks and phones etc into for long trips. Comes in a few differe… Read more

Product Size(L x W x H): 55.00 x 39.00 x 0.20 cm Errrrmmm, that picture is deceiving.

Oneplus 6 6GB 64GB Smartphone  - £313.41 @ Geekbuying
Shipping from Hong KongShipping from Hong KongFound 27th Nov 2018Found 27th Nov 2018
Ends in: 05:20:07:36 [HK Stock][Official Global ROM]Oneplus 6 6.28 Inch Full Screen 4G Smartphone Snapdragon 845 6GB 64GB 20.0MP+16.0MP Dual Rear Cameras Android 8.1 NFC Dash Char… Read more

Very nice phone. Was going to order it from Geekbuying but thought about checking Gumtree first and found a brand new sealed one for £300.


what are the chances of getting hit by customs?


Pick an obscure feature nobody uses e.g. display port and use it to trash every One Plus deal. It's getting boring and it is about as welcome as a fart in a space suit.


What are the chances of import tax with geekbuying?


Heh, mine is too. Had to get the camera module replaced a couple of months ago but its as good as new now. The 6t does look mad shiny. Love the subtle notch and in screen fingerprint reader.

QCY T1C TWS Dual Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones with Mic Charging Box Noise Reduction - Black £15.85 @ geekbuying
Found 25th Nov 2018Found 25th Nov 2018
Wonderful Audio Quality True stereo sound effects, brings you an impression of space, to feel the music just as you are in the Concert Hall, Bluetooth v5.0 technology, sound tran… Read more
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They won't, I had the same worry but I got back used to it. Definitely worth the money imo


My QCY T1C Earphones finally arrived today! My first impressions are very good and it seems they shouldn't drop out my ears easily. They pair with each other automatically when they're removed from the charging case and then with my phone very quickly.


The E19's are mega for £31. Basey where I'm more of a treble guy but very impressed overall. Well worth it. Took 10 seconds to open the lid and get them paired.


Not in the same league as my AKG /Marshall on wear headphones but as I said for the price, I am happy with it.


How is the sound quality?

Oneplus 6T 6.41" 4G LTE Smartphone 6GB Ram 128GB Rom - £416.07 @ geekbuying
Found 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
I think this was posted on BF for £422+ Looks like they've reduced it even more (assuming it's the exact same model). Code QOKTSCFA for this price.

No NFC, OxygenOS > MIUI, Larger screen to body ratio, under display Fingerprint Sensor, Better camera. 6T is a solid phone


Any deal for 8gb version


Import /Custom charges?


No usb 3.1 , no microsd , no Displayport alternate mode over usb c , no waterproofing or wireless charging yet expensive pricing . Buy Pocophone with Microsd and save .


Whats the chance to be hit by custom? Whats the best delivery option?

SONOFF S26 WiFi Smart Plug (UK Plug) @ geekbuying
Found 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
Cheapest price I've seen for this so far! Use the code SONOFFS26 when placing an order for this price.

Anyone waiting on these I think the tracking only shows when it arrives in uk, I think they have been dispatched already but only show in transit when in UK.


Weirdly mine have just dispatched. Must be listening in. (lol)


Oh good not just me then. Probably still making them. (lol)


Mine still processing too.


Anyone had these ship yet? Both mine are still unshipped

EV374BK Mini Clip on Mp3 Music Media Player supports 16GB Micro SD TF Card 80p delivered at geekbuying
Found 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
This is mega cheap - Mini Clip on Mp3 Music Media Player supports 16GB Micro SD TF Card for just 80p delivered. Available in Black, White ot Blue. Supporting digital music … Read more
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Just received mine. Buttons are fairly solid and clicky, the unit seems fairly solid too. I plugged in some headphones and it did push the jack into the body a few mm, meaning I had to wiggle the plug a little to find the sweet spot where the audio was coming through in stereo. Copied a few artist folders of mp3s onto an SD card and it played them fine, however it didn't shuffle, just played all the mp3s in the first folder, then the next etc. Can't complain for the price! Will find a use for it.


Kinda out of my budget I hope this goes on sale for cheaper


Thanks OP, just bought one. Will be interested to see how it holds up.


Went for one


Mine wasn't random, instead it started at track 1 each time.

Oneplus 6T 6.41" 4G LTE Smartphone 8GB Ram 128GB Rom @ geekbuying
Shipping from Hong KongShipping from Hong KongFound 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
As mentioned in my other thread, this is the 8gb Ram version of the Oneplus 6T. It's a little more expensive obviously, but may be worth it depending on your needs.

This is great price. Any cheaper alternative anyone can suggest for similar specs.



Oneplus 6T 6.41" 4G LTE Smartphone 6GB Ram 128GB Rom @ geekbuying
Shipping from Hong KongShipping from Hong KongFound 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Looks like there's a few decent phone deals popping up! Can somebody confirm if this is the same one posted here for £435.04?… Read more

Anyone else had issues? Ordered the 23rd Nov, still not had a tracking number or any information and had to open a PayPal case which was due a refund today and Geekbuying have now supplied a fake tracking number just to extend holding my payment. Gonna have to say it looks like a scam, so will have to post up when I see any fake deals from this company.


You're welcome!


How long for delivery?


#Ordered, cheers been waiting for around this price (y)