Gefen Pink Salmon 213G -  £1 at asda

Gefen Pink Salmon 213G - £1 at asda

Found 23rd Sep 2012
Usually around £2.50 still £2.59 in tesco.
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Never heard of it, but salmon is salmon aint it?
Or can it be doctored somehow?
[Never heard of it,]

Its a jewish company out of New York. Its not overly expensive but not a cheap brand either.

[but salmon is salmon aint it?]

Not really, ever bought cheap tuna? Not very nice is it? Different types of canned fish will be better than others. Also this is wild caught and not farmed. Wild salmon have tough lives going every year from one place to another to lay eggs. They have to swim UP RIVER that means they are very lean and healthy. Farmed salmon on the other hand is less healthy and more fatty.

[Or can it be doctored somehow?]

I now it says fancy on the label but I didn't put that in the OP. I don't have to back up a claim that I didn't make.

Have a nice day.

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