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GTX 1080TI available in the Nvidia Store - 1 per customer £679 @ Geforce
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Posted 11th May 2018Posted 11th May 2018
GTX 1080TI available in the Nvidia Store - 1 per customer £679 @ Geforce
yes, still pricey, yes new cards coming out etc etc. But for those of you who need one and have been waiting for a deal - this is as good as it currently gets.

I am still going to use hindsight as that always is best...


I'd rather the blower in this thread... 60 quid cheaper, runs warmer but oh well!


I'm not sure they will. I imagine the 1080ti is still going to be the better card and if supply chains are all churning out new cards then we may be heading up not down. Personally I'm picking up 1080ti's at value prices when they become available.


prices will drop if you wait till the summer


Amazon have a great deal on pre-order for the 15th May. Well below the price direct from EVGA.

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Posted 11th May 2018Posted 11th May 2018
1080Ti back in stock - decent price. I know someone has just published a palit version and I'm not sure how it measures up to the FE. However, I got one of these an hour ago. Can'… Read more

im sure they didnt help by stripping supply of cards, and making a requirement for more cards to be produced in ever greater quantities.


So was it miners who created the global memory supply chain shortage? It’s nothing to do with factories tooling up for mobile memory instead as it’s a faster turn over market. As for mining “scum”. High end gamers have been stripping enthusiast supply for years. SLi and Crossfire helped make that a reality. If you play a game, the aim is to crack the puzzle or skill curve and gain points/wins/currency. Mining - gather equipment, build the ideal ‘armour and weapons’ setup, attack the increasing level difficulties and get the most ‘points’ you can. Love it hate it, mining is like playing a game. I’m dabbling, I cant game as much as I used to. The technical challenge and minor kidding skills is a good learning curve.


If you took your own advice and read the tech news you'd realise there are underlying reasons why we are in this situation and it's not just miners. I know that's the easy route for many, but it doesn't make it correct.


Really? How about this article about Nvidia's CEO comments regarding Ethereum Or this article on toms hardware about the same or this register article or this arstechnica article The cards at the higher end have never been cheap, but they have been grossly overpriced because miners have stripped the gaming market of its cards, inflating prices. Try reading some tech news before spouting such rubbish.


I think that's a nice easy way for people to apportion blame as to why they can't pick up cheap cards. The problem is it ignores many of the factors causing the shortage. If you were putting together an Nvidia mining rig you'd probably be better off looking at 1070ti's as the most cost effective way of doing it at the moment. Yet 1080ti's are now plentiful and trading at a discount while 1080ti's are not.

GEFORCE GTX 1080 IN STOCK NOW!!! £529 @ Geforce
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Posted 7th May 2018Posted 7th May 2018
GEFORCE GTX 1080 IN STOCK NOW!!! £529 @ Geforce
In Stock NOW
Get deal*Get deal*

Finally... No longer a deal!


1080ti is worth it considering how much the rest on the market


If I was buying something right now I think it would be the 1070 Ti - it just seems to offer better value if I couldn’t wait. Really not sure how long til we actually see the 11xx/20xx series, especially as not a single leak so far.


No deal 11 series cards will be out soon


A few weeks ago this would have been a pretty decent deal, but now all the prices have dropped significantly, and something like the Gigabyte Windforce 1080 can be had for £480... Good spot though.

1070 ti Founders Edition - £419 delivered @ GeForce
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Posted 21st Mar 2018Posted 21st Mar 2018
1070 ti Founders Edition - £419 delivered @ GeForce
Back in stock direct from Nvidia, these usually come and go so might sell out pretty fast.
Get deal*Get deal*

Tried to buy a £445 1070ti Gigabyte on CCL, they upped the price just as I purchased, then tried to purchase this and out of stock. Maybe it's for the best. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


both gone 😔 ;( 😩


Showing in stock now.


Gone now


Cheers bought asap

Nvidia GeForce 1080ti FE back in stock £679.99 at Nvidia store
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Posted 6th Mar 2018Posted 6th Mar 2018
Nvidia GeForce 1080ti FE back in stock £679.99 at Nvidia store
Back in stock although it won't last long as usual.

Back in stock.


I Agree. I suppose that you never know when buying a used card, but my point was that there won't be some sort of used card utopia when people get bored.


I wouldn't buy direct from nvidia, if you have to return the card for whatever reason it can be a total nightmare. It's taken me two weeks and lots of emails to get a RMA number to return an Titan xp star wars edition (unused) and now i've been able to send it back there's nobody at the address to receive the parcel so the saga continues, never again.


Its a scam, they prey on the people who just read the ehadline and put an offer and dont take the time to properly read and understand the later description. They will either supply something - an empty box and if there is a dispute would argue that their wording was accurate and the customer got what they knowingly paid for - or they will just take the money and disappear. As has happened to me many times and ebay/paypal failed to do anything about it. They paypal "guarantee" became menaingless in my case as the chinese supplier disappeared once the money was cleared and I was not re-imbursed.


Well, the good news is we should see whether or not this is true in the near future, as there have never been so many cards running so hard for so long in all of history. Someone will be able to give us actual data on this, I would expect. But there isn't a great deal of evidence to suggest that cards actually do 'wear out' from 24x7 use, other than mechnically (fans often need replaced, for example - but most high end cards make this very easy to do). It seems like common sense that when you use something more it wears out faster, but there's really no guarantee of this. There are plenty of examples of things where turning them on and off a few times a day will wear a thing out faster than leaving it on all of the time, because its the change of states that exposes weaknesses more readily than whether or not that thing was doing work.

Nvidia Geforce 1080 Founders Edition - £529 @ Geforce
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Posted 7th Feb 2018Posted 7th Feb 2018
Nvidia Geforce 1080 Founders Edition - £529 @ Geforce
Mediocre price but there is Some Stock Just bought myself one
Get deal*Get deal*

I was pretty fortunate I managed to get my GTX 1080Ti last April for £700. Close enough to MSRP price before crypto craze happened


Worth buying off of nvidia placed a order a GTX 1060 FE for £279 on Wednesday then it arrived yesterday. Pretty chuffed with service I received


They are on the rise though


Bitcoin has already started to recover, up the last 2 days.


can't see why this is cold. If you want a 1080 it's the cheapest around!

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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition £379 delivered @ Geforce
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Posted 7th Feb 2018Posted 7th Feb 2018
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition £379 delivered @ Geforce
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition In stock now - will likely need to be quick. Edit: Note - you need to click the tab for 1070, as it will default to the 1070ti which is … Read more

I had an email from Nvidia at 07:19 today with a shipping confirmation for my 1070. Out for delivery between 1-2pm today. <3


Waiting on the 1080ti


My email came at 07:24 today and it was delivered about two and a half hours later. The email had a tracking link as well.


What time did the dispatch emails go out for anyone who ordered 7th and got cards today, cheers


yup, got home and 1080 and 1060 are here already :)

Geforce GTX 1060 6gb Founders Edition - In Stock - £279 at NVidia Store
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Posted 7th Feb 2018Posted 7th Feb 2018
Geforce GTX 1060 6gb Founders Edition - In Stock - £279 at NVidia Store
It's incredible difficult to find the 6gb version of this card in stock under £300 so this seems like it would be helpful to people. Not sure how long it will stay in stock for. T… Read more

Do not trust novatech. They'll take your money, call you when its in stock saying the price has gone up, and ask you to cancel or pay more.


Cryptocurrency market went up about 25% today (last 24 hours), I don't feel like it's going anywhere but up anytime soon. SEC said some good stuff about it or something (there will be no blockchain without bitcoin) and the market of even the mineable currencies depend on Bitcoin.


Flubit (remember that from a couple of years ago :D ) My current order is £240 and is for the XLR8 version which is slightly better (but slightly uglier IMO), so I don't really want to go up from that. (£60 increase isn't worth it for me - for this card anyway). I'll make sure to keep an eye out for that, it seems like they probably come and go really quickly. Does warranty transfer to you? (I'm guessing it depends on manufacturer - EVGA are pretty good for that sort of thing right?) Thanks everyone :)


This is still in stock, as is the 1080.


I bought a 'damaged box' used excellent condition one from amazon warehouse, £197, when it arrived it was brand new with a dinted box... I know that is likely a very lucky purchase but worth keeping an eye on amazon (For info was this model EVGA)

GTX 1080 Ti - £679 @ Geforce
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Posted 30th Jan 2018Posted 30th Jan 2018
GTX 1080 Ti - £679 @ Geforce
Not really a deal but a normal-priced GPU on website. Stock turns up every week, I've noticed. Limit is 2 GPUs per customer. Grab one while stock lasts!

Neither of those things are going to happen tho lol


It’s always OOS , I have been checking over the last 6 months


To be honest i hope i will last loooong as it bypass banking system


Bloomin' miners, I really wish this bubble would pop and fast, maybe you'll start seeing these GPU's for £300 used then... One can dream right?


I was going to do that, but I only have a 4K screen and like my 4K 60 fps and don't want to end up waiting until the next series of GPUs before being able to buy another card at a reasonable price.

Reference Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 Ti - In Stock at RRP £419 @ Geforce
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Posted 17th Jan 2018Posted 17th Jan 2018
Reference Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 Ti - In Stock at RRP £419 @ Geforce
It's the best price you can find an in stock 1070 Ti for. Personally I'd rather have an aftermarket one but if you're after a card at RRP then this is a great price. Website only … Read more

Holy smokes it has come today at 4pm insanely fast delivery.


In stock at 09:30 19/01


This isn't likely as most miners are relying on residual value in their cards being driven by demand from gamers as their exit strategy.


Nice find


It's already recovering!

Destiny 2 (PC) Free when you buy Gtx 1080 or Ti @ GeForce
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Posted 18th Oct 2017Posted 18th Oct 2017
Destiny 2 (PC) Free when you buy Gtx 1080 or Ti @ GeForce
I'm ready for the freeze but free = hot to me Get Game Ready with GeForce GTX 10 Series and experience Destiny 2 on PC. For a limited time, buy a select GeForce GTX 1080 Ti or GeF… Read more

Most retailers 1 per customer limit fyi


Try actually posting a deal instead of trolling with your fake account for posting shite comments.


Not a freebie if you have to spend money to get it. This is at best a deal.


Hate to be a buzzkill and im not complaining but... destiny still sucks even if its given to you for free


The price IS correctly stated. The game is free when you buy a GTX 1080 or Ti...

NEW NVIDIA TITAN XP - £1159 @ NVidea
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Posted 14th Apr 2017Posted 14th Apr 2017
NEW NVIDIA TITAN XP - £1159 @ NVidea
latest from NVIDIA

Buy a 1080ti for half price with almost the same performance. Only those buy these who don`t know what to do with their money or want to show off.


Hahaha for that price you can buy a Xbox one,ps4, switch and several games for each console.


Awful price for a card marginally better than a 1080ti... and yet Your gonna pay almost DOUBLE!!! This is strictly for E peens


There are always some products where you say 'for those with more money than sense'. The original Titan at least had full DP so it could be argued it was a semi-pro card. The previous Pascal Titan X at least was out ages before the 1080Ti. This card? Well in theory it should be faster than a 1080Ti (by about 7% based on the shaders, 13% for memory), but in practice it isn't because Nvidia use that really poor cooler so it can't boost as much. I guess taking a £1159 card and immaculately invalidating the warranty by slapping it under water might be okay (I assume that Nvidia would invalidate the warranty but didn't look it up), but the card not only has a poor cooler but also a so-so VRM etc. so I doubt it will clock that well. Basically (for those who want to spend this much) the card is ruined by not having third-party coolers and boards. This and F's Edition do raise an interesting question: why do the OEMs allow Nvidia to get away with this? Guess, they don't have a choice, but there is always the possibility of some risk for Nvidia: one of the reason why phone OEMs are so keen not to use Intel (aside from the quality of their SOCs especially the modem etc.) is that a lot of them know perfectly well that PC OEMs make have around 3-5% margins while Intel have 60%+ so someone as big as Samsung really doesn't want to help Intel. So, the graphic card OEMs may not have a choice but it doesn't make Nvidia popular with them so if at some stage AMD had a better product, they won't show much loyalty to Nvidia. Guess it's a long-term risk Nvidia are willing to take for more profits now.


Thanks mate, i dont want to buy it but you made me aware of it. I like to keep ahead of technology :)

Lawbreakers Alpha Code
Posted 3rd Aug 2016Posted 3rd Aug 2016
Lawbreakers Alpha Code
Had an email from Nvidia about Lawbreakers alpha code: GET YOUR FREE CODE FOR LAWBREAKERS ALPHA ACCESS NVIDIA and Nexon® are teaming up to give away alpha access codes for LAWBREA… Read more

I don't get this post if you received the email you would know about the offer so this post is useless.


I had one of these emails last night - the code is in the email, so it's not really a deal unless you have the email yourself.


And where do you get the key code from?

Free Beta Code for Red Bull Air Race - The Game (via nVidia)
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Posted 23rd Jul 2016Posted 23rd Jul 2016
Free Beta Code for Red Bull Air Race - The Game (via nVidia)
Just saw a link to this Promo whilst updating my graphics card software. Enter your email address to receive a Beta Code for Red Bull Air Race - The Game. Then register your code … Read more

ah wth, I'll give it a go cheers ;)


and before anyone starts it's not a steam copy

Got an nVidia Titan X? Get Witcher 3 for free!
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Posted 20th May 2015Posted 20th May 2015
Got an nVidia Titan X? Get Witcher 3 for free!
nVidia is doing a retrospective bundle for anyone that has a Titan X card. Update to the Beta of GeForce Experience, click the trophy icon in the top right and if you've got a Tita… Read more

Anyway to trick it into thinking you have a titan?


Unfortunately not @bluedragon316 I simply got single gpu 4k gaming for my hard earned.


I got Witcher 3 AND Arkham Knight with my GTX 970.... surely you should get even more with a Titan X?


Im sure if you can afford a titan x, you can afford to buy this game lol :D Shame they didnt so something similar for lesser cards :(

Watch Dogs free with select Nvidia GTX Graphics Cards at GeForce
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Posted 31st May 2014Posted 31st May 2014
Watch Dogs free with select Nvidia GTX Graphics Cards at GeForce
A great deal for people buying a computer, many company's are participating and it is a good deal, the graphics cards are not the most expensive, the GTX 660 for example. Sorry if … Read more

"Would read again" ~ 10/10 PCGamer.


[image missing]


Certainly deserves a 10/10.



Fantastic description! :p

Nvidia holiday bundle two or three free games with Nvidia cards 660 and up
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Posted 17th Oct 2013Posted 17th Oct 2013
Nvidia holiday bundle two or three free games with Nvidia cards 660 and up
I think this deserves to be a deal as there is a whole load of AMD cards being posted at present, and people ordering the new AMD cards, so I want to make sure people are aware Nvi… Read more

Problem with AMD in general is that they tend to be very slow with the drivers. For me, i'd rather pay for the service you get from Nvidia. However, with next gen consoles purely using AMD architecture, it may be possible that AMD don't need to boost it up with drivers anymore and have that edge but for now i'd rather stick with Intel/nvidia combo.


This 1,000,000 times. You can still get a AMD 7990 with superior specs and performance (in most cases) than a Titan or a GTX690 for less than the price tag of a GTX780. If you go above a 770 all Nvidia cards are over-priced. Cold from me.


There is quite a few cheaper ones that just have Arkham Origins with them. (Anything uplay I won't ever load so there is no use in my having it). A game I actually want anyway is worth more than 2 I don't.


Would prefer lower priced graphics card than some bundled digital game codes. I know you can sell the games, but never going to achieve decent price and have potential issue of buyer saying code wasn't valid.


My 670 came today. Looks like I lucked out aagain.

Batman Arkham Origins for PC, FREE when you buy Nvidia GTX Graphic Card
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Posted 30th Aug 2013Posted 30th Aug 2013
Batman Arkham Origins for PC, FREE when you buy Nvidia GTX Graphic Card
Free Batman Arkham Origins for PC FREE when you buy Nvidia GTX Offer seems to be valid on a whole GTX family. Currently you get Splinter Cell Blacklist with GTX series, but terms… Read more

so what your actually saying is no you cant. i got sent a code card for blacklist, which also had conviction with it. and im pretty certain that they wouldnt send an origin card or vice versa. that and it would be a pre order


Offer started today, so If you got the card today, you should have the code or ask the retailer to provide the code for you.


I just bought a 670 with the Splinter Cell offer... are you saying I can get Batman as well??? If so how?

Sim City Beta - 5000 Keys Available @ Geforce
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Posted 23rd Jan 2013Posted 23rd Jan 2013
Sim City Beta - 5000 Keys Available @ Geforce
Be the first to play in the exclusive SimCity™ beta. The first 5000 entries will win a serial code from NVIDIA and be one of a limited number of gamers to experience the Beta Weeke… Read more

Anyone got a spare one I could have? Thanks.


check your inbox


Anyone get an extra key for someone who doesn't want it? My GF is eager to have a go but missed out. :(


I'll pass but thanks.


Have they changed the terms yet ? They say they would never do it but why have it there in the first place ?

Nvidia graphics card - Batman Arkham City (PC) Free with purchase @ GeForce
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Posted 11th Sep 2011Posted 11th Sep 2011
Nvidia graphics card - Batman Arkham City (PC) Free with purchase @ GeForce
Terms and Conditions For a limited time only, purchase a qualifying NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560,560 Ti, 570, 580 or 590 graphics card and get receive a coupon good for one digital down… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Bought my GTX 580 2 days before the promotion started. Unbelievable.


Just to put this out there, if you actually found a good value card that qualified for this free game with it, this deal is likely to get a lot hotter ;)