Geil PC3200 DDR1 2Gb (2 x 1024 ) kit - only £58.74 (£63.38 delivered) - MicroDirect.co.uk
Geil PC3200 DDR1 2Gb (2 x 1024 ) kit - only £58.74 (£63.38 delivered) - MicroDirect.co.uk

Geil PC3200 DDR1 2Gb (2 x 1024 ) kit - only £58.74 (£63.38 delivered) - MicroDirect.co.uk

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Usually about £80+

DDR1 is usually more expensive than DDR2. This PC3200(Cas 3 8-4-4) memory also features aluminium heat spreaders and runs at 400mhz.

GeIL's production philosophy puts integration above component distribution. Top-down single company, no-fault operation: from DRAM design commencement, packaging, testing, memory application products design, development, compatibility testing, and finally to production. Customers enjoy the only high performance DRAM module provider that emphasizes the overall end-user experience. From developing GeIL's award winning memory testing program to innovative fabrication process, each of the final modules offers the same superior quality output which has made GeIL the fastest-growing DRAM manufacturer in Asia: growing at twice the rate as the average DRAM company in the mist of a stalling economy.


2 x 1024 you mean?


2 x 1024 you mean?

[COLOR=olive]You beat me![/COLOR]

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2 x 1024 you mean?

Yes!!! Mod please change, it's late x


Yes!!! Mod please change, it's late x

You can do it, click edit

Seems like a great deal to me, especially as it's dual channel and comes with heat spreaders. Great find, heat given!

For DDR2 that website has this for £66,


OCZ 2GB Kit (2x1024) Platinum Series DDR2 PC6400 800MHz Rev. 2 Dual Channel Memory With Platinum Heatspreader

Although not all motherboards use DDR2.

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Expired, now: £64.61

how can you compare ddr1 to ddr2?

ddr2 is MUCH cheaper as theres a much bigger demand now amongst other factors

ddr1 is a ripoff and this is a pretty good price for ddr ram

Still not a bad deal plus a tad more off through quidco

i've used this memory in two systems and it's great, highly recommended

yeah it really annoys me how much cheaper ddr2 is, but it's also down to cheaper manufacturing processes as well as availability

Running on 512 at the moment:lazy:

I know it's 3200 so will this be OK or is there anything else I should check before I splash out? Don't even know if my ASUS K8VE Deluxe supports Dual Channel yet:?

I really need to find them manuals!:geek:

back down in price
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