Gelert Horizon Double Sleeping Bag £22 fieldandtrek (£4.88 del)

Gelert Horizon Double Sleeping Bag £22 fieldandtrek (£4.88 del)

Found 15th Sep 2016
I was recently in the market for a double sleeping bag, and for a while had my eye on the Coleman Hampton double.

However I could not bring myself to pay £62 for it.

Suddenly found this little number, which has a very similar spec to the Hampton sleeping bag at 1/3 of the price. If not a slightly better spec.

Hope this gets some heat, its my first post!!!
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Thanks, ordered two. Been wanting these for a while.
looks a good price , you missed out on a very warm Hampton , but they ain't cheap . have a bit of heat from me
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Yep I thought the same, really wanted to get the Hampton.

Figured I'd have a look at this for £22, and if not happy get the Hampton anyway, but all being well I will save £40!
what season are these? look very nicer but will they be too hot over summer?
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