Gelli Baff @ 99p store (instore)

Gelli Baff @ 99p store (instore)

Found 1st Dec 2012
these are great fun and my 5yr old son adores them..
ideal stocking filler, raffle prize, pass parcel prize etc

still around £5 in most stores

Bathtime can go either one of two ways for little ones. It can be a dull 'in and out' experience in as quick a time as possible, or it can be a splendid adventure containing everything from marauding pirates, dive bombing aeroplanes and agitated dinosaurs. I know which one I preferred when I was younger!

Now add to the mix the super splendid invention known as Gelli Baff. Put simply Gelli Baff turns your bath water into goo and once you've had enough 'gooeyness' turns it back again. It's like having a massive jelly in your bath. Simply splendid! Your pirates can now be battling it out in a jelly like swamp with T-Rex and his buddies whilst being blitzed by divebombers - many of which will no doubt end up crashing into the oozing slime pool below. Utterly delightful.
Age Suitability:
•4+ (adult supervision required)

Using Gelli Baff is simple! Fill the bath with approximately 40 litres of warm water, sprinkle the (soon to be) gooey Gelli Baff formula over the surface and leave it for a couple of minutes. Then sit back with your children and watch in amazement as the 'oh so boring' bath water mystically and magically turns into a fun, thick, slimy goo right in front of your eyes. Give it a quick stir then dive in - Literally!

The magic goo is a completely harmless powder and works by soaking up 400 times its own weight in water. Wow!

But what about when the little ones have had enough of bathtime?

When the water has gone cold, simply add the dissolver sachet and the as if by magic the slimy, gooey Gelli disappears. Luckily Gelli Baff leaves no stains or marks on the bath and is completely safe to use. And if that wasn't enough Gelli Baff softens and cleans your child's (or yours if you're feeling adventurous) skin as they play!
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will add pic of receipt when i get some more later today.
this stuff is doesnt dissolve as easy as they let on, and it stains the tile grout permanently if any splashes on it....never again. my poor kids hated the sensation of it too

this stuff is doesnt dissolve as easy as they let on, and it … this stuff is doesnt dissolve as easy as they let on, and it stains the tile grout permanently if any splashes on it....never again. my poor kids hated the sensation of it too

i've never had any problems with it, did you follow instructions properly?
Goo making

•Fill the bath with 40 litres of warm water or if using a paddling pool fill with 75 litres of warm water. Please use a jug to be sure you have the correct amount of water as bath sizes may vary.
•For best results sprinkle the goo former (step 1) evenly over the surface of the bath (using 200g of goo former) or paddling pool (using 400g of goo former).
•DO NOT stir the water just yet. Let the goo magically form for 2 minutes.
•Stir the goo well, get in and have fun!

Goo dissolving
•Add the goo dissolver (step 2), to the goo bath/paddling pool (it won't dissolve instantly so give it a few minutes).
•Mix in well and if desired, top up the water with some bubble bath to continue the fun!

Please note:

There will always be a very small amount of residue left at the bottom of the bath when the goo has been dissolved, but don't worry as it will not clog the drains. You may wish to rinse/shower off any remaining residue. If using outside; don't empty waste Gelli Baff onto the Grass, as it will become very slippery.

Tips for parents and carers:-

For maximum fun follow the laws of gelli baff!

Not recommended for children under 5 years of age, unless supervised by an adult.

Don't add the powder while the tap is running. Pour the bath water first, turn off the tap and then add the Gellibaff sachet marked 'Step 1'.

Enjoy Gelli-baff sitting down. Goo is slippy!

Don't eat Gellibaff. It's not nice. And just like regular soap, if you get Gellibaff in your eyes it could sting, so make sure to rinse it out with plenty of clear water.

Don't forget to wash the goo out of your hair.

Goo ingredients : Gellibaff is a harmless powder which holds 400 times its own weight in water. A similar substance is used in disposable nappies. The dissolver sachet contains pure table salt, the same as you put on your chips!
if only I knew this, a few weeks back, I paid £10 for 2 and that was the cheapest I could find them, my kids love this stuff
Thank you was going to buy this online for £3.50! Heat Added
which store was this? have just been down to my local and no joy there!
just got back from sheldon and they've sold out there. woman said pallasades might have them.
Excellent price! I remember wanting to try this but being put off by the price. Good spot OP! Heat!
was talking to the sales assistant this afternoon and she said a bloke came in and bought all that was on the shelf, bout 20 of them. they don't know if they are getting any more in.
i reckon a trader has clocked on and selling them on at a premium, i bought one yesterday but wish now i'd bought more.
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