Generation Of Chaos IV ( PSP ) - £16.99 delivered !
Generation Of Chaos IV ( PSP ) - £16.99 delivered !

Generation Of Chaos IV ( PSP ) - £16.99 delivered !

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Pre-order Generation Of Chaos IV for the PSP for just £16.99 delivered from Powerplaydirect.com ! A good price considering the next cheapest is £24.99!

The kingdom of Dravania is in tatters. A lengthy and bloody revolution has ruined its economy and allowed its numerous enemies to assume control of much of its prized land. But things are changing. A new leader, Minister Zeo, has taken control and his blinding ambition is to regain the Lost Grounds and return Dravania to its rightful place as the most powerful state in the region.

Will you help Dravania conquer the surrounding lands destroying enemies as you go? Or will you play as one of the other nine kingdoms in their bid to win regional control?

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Whichever kingdom you decide to control you will have to carefully manage your resources. Your choices are numerous - build defenses or explore new lands, recruit troops or harness the powers of magic. It is these choices along with your ability to plan your military campaigns that will decide the fate of the Lost Grounds.
Generation of Chaos is part of an immense Japanese franchise that has seen sell through of over 1 million units since its inception. The developers, Idea Factory, are internationally renowned as one of the very best creators of action role playing games in the world.

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Story Mode: The story mode not only sets the tone of the game, but it's an important briefing moment for your mission objectives. Also, important decisions are often made in the story mode.

Strategy Mode: After the opening story, the player will begin the strategy mode to build and strengthen the kingdom. In the beginning, the kingdom is small and weak. However, as you progress through the game, the player can conquer neighboring kingdoms and stretch its ruling powers throughout the land of Duke.

Battle Mode: During combat, commanders can overwhelm enemy troops by using their super moves! The more damage the commander receives, the more energy is charged. Once you have enough energy, you can pull off a super move to destroy your foes. Watch out though, enemy commanders have their own super moves, too
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