Genesis: 1970-1975 - 7 SACD Hybrid & 6 DVD Box Set £69.87 delivered @ Blah DVD

Genesis: 1970-1975 - 7 SACD Hybrid & 6 DVD Box Set £69.87 delivered @ Blah DVD

Found 12th May 2009
Have been waiting for a good price on the Peter Gabriel boxset for quite a while and this is the cheapest I've found, is around £85+ elsewhere(the likes of amazon, play, the hut etc.). Ordered myself yesterday and arrived well packaged this morning.


Genesis: 1970-1975' contains the five Peter Gabriel-fronted studio albums from Trespass to the double The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway plus an extras disc full of rarities including Genesis Plays Jackson, an aborted soundtrack project for a BBC Art film on the work of painter Michael Jackson. Also featured is a hidden gem for Genesis fans--previously unreleased footage of an extraordinary performance at Shepperton Studios 1973 (on the Selling England By the Pound extras disc) revealing one of the most unique pioneer performers on the rock stage of the 70s, including the legendary costumes and onstage stories. Genesis : 1970-1975 presents five of the band's classic studio albums as SACD/CD Hybrid and DVD Dual Disc sets featuring 5.1 DTS and Dolby Digital Surround Sound and new stereo mixes of the original albums (5.1 and new stereo mixes created by Tony Banks, Nick Davis and Mike Rutherford), plus bonus videos and new interviews with all band members filmed exclusively for these reissues. The set contains hours of previously unreleased footage, and all the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway slides used on the original stage presentation in 1974-75. A booklet accompanies each album featuring sleeve notes by Richard McPhail (Trespass), David Baddiel (Nursery Cryme), Roger Taylor (Foxtrot), Jeremy Clarkson (Selling England By The Pound) and Tony Robinson (The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway). The set also contains new liner notes from the band including Peter Gabriel.
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BTW, for those interested in the Phil Collins fronted box sets, they are even cheaper:

1976-1982 @ £64.95…htm

1983-1998 @ £64.61…htm
Their greatest days, Suppers Ready and all of the Lamb lies down on Broadway being the best examples of prog bar none IMHO.
Definately tempted but I got to keep a cap on my spending.....

Definately tempted but I got to keep a cap on my spending.....

Haha, likewise, funny how the price you've been waiting for turns up right when you've already been overspending, teach me for checking daily I guess.

I did see it this price months ago on blah, but it sold out after a couple of days and remained out of stock there for months after that so wasn't going to make the same mistake again:whistling:
I'm not really into this part of the Genesis era, but they also have the other SACD box sets for £64.95, so I've just bought the 76-82 one which is probably my favourite era.
Nice set but £70 is still a bit steep for something like this. The music is heading towards 40 years of age and has already made a fortune for everyone concerned. This costs less than a fiver to manufacture and distribute so there is a lot of spare left.

In these tough times even multi-millionaire rock stars should settle for less:p
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