Genesis Equilibrium Decade, £699, fully equipped with dynamo hub, 725 reynolds frame @ Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative

Genesis Equilibrium Decade, £699, fully equipped with dynamo hub, 725 reynolds frame @ Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative

Found 22nd Sep 2016
I think this is a solid all round bike, good quality stuff on it, designed to last. I'm not sure how popular this deal will be, because it's not a planet-x carbon bike, or a bike from argos for £70 or a car for this amount of money right? But it's close to legitimately half price. I guess that's because it's slightly niche and Genesis maybe have a lot of extra stock.

Tiagra, a dynamo front hub, and being fully equipped are pretty strong selling points for this price I believe, it would be a total workhorse bike for some time to come certainly.

They've got a slightly different version for £100 more with spyre disc brakes, and less equipment. I guess it depends what you value more. Check this here too:…-16

Their blurb: -

"Genesis Equilibrium Decade '16

Ltd edition fully equipped Equilibrium w/ Reynolds 725 frame, carbon fork, mudguards, Tubus rack and dynamo hub front light celebrates Genesis 10th birthday.

The Reynolds 725 butted CrMo steel frame is heat-treated to boost tensile strength.

This allows Genesis to specify thinner wall tubing which helps create a smoother, more comfortable without compromising the frame's strength or its acceleration potential.

The carbon fork matches the frame's comfort and lateral stiffness.

The Shutter Precision SV-8 dynamo hub is smooth, efficient and delivers free front lighting (no batteries to replace or charge) via its Cyo Premium 80 Lux headlamp from German bike lighting experts, Busch & Müller.

The Tubus Vega CrMo rear rack weighs just 375g yet it's capable of carrying 25kg loads.

'This Equilibrium is designed to travel a little further, a little longer but without the weight penalty associated with a dedicated tourer.

So, why a triple? Well, the biggest and most obvious advantage over a double is the expanded range. Look at it as having a standard chainset with whole additional set of gears for steep, sustained riding with light loads. With the increased gear range also comes a more even spread of gears for nice smooth transitions and uninterrupted cadence/rhythm.

Fully equipped with well-proven, highly regarded kit from the likes of Tubus, Shutter Precision and Busch & Müller, the Equilibrium Decade will appeal as much to long-distance Audax riders as it will folk looking for an efficient, comfortable and practical everyday bike.

A true rider's bike which reveals more of its well-balanced character the longer you stay in the saddle.'


Road Bike Sizing Guide."
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This has so much good kit, with a great frame, then Tiagra is really good, right on to the mudguards, rack and dynamo. All put together by Genesis, great, and sold through an excellent shop.

My current bike count is 7, including carbon proper lightweight, and I'm most likely to ride my Genesis Equilibrium, or, when dark and I just want to ride without thinking about charge state of lights, my old hub dynamo commuter.

Best of both worlds here at a great price. Unfortunately (well fortunately, really), not in my size.
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Nice, voted.

Also two many bikes but this bad boy could probably replace four of them in one fell stroke.
This really is my kind of bike, ticks the boxes. Can I justify an upgrade? Hmmm.

Answer, I think so. Going to try and invoke the cycle to work scheme to get it.

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Dynamo front light but no rear light..Strange.

Dynamo front light but no rear light..Strange.

I agree that is strange, i guess it saved construction costs? It shouldn't take too much to add one, connected to the front though. Everything is already there?
That is a brilliant commuter/tourer. I prefer a double crankset, and I love discs - otherwise I would be scheming. That's a bike for life.
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Good bike. Should be a smooth and reliable ride with decent equipment level too. voted hot.
much more "real world" than some of the bike you see on here. this is a superb, practical bike that will last donkeys years! superb deal!
extra small only left
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