Genesis MUD (Windows Store) - Free multiplayer access

Genesis MUD (Windows Store) - Free multiplayer access

Found 8th May 2017
Ahh the classic Multi-User Dungeon games. If you've experienced some of the classic text adventures on the likes of the Spectrum or C64 computers, way back in the day, you may have always wanted to have a friend join the adventure with you.

As luck happens, so did other people, and with the advent of the internet they made it happen. If you were lucky enough to have internet access back then you probably already know about MUD text adventure games.

Here be a MUD client one of the classic games. It's multiplayer, and very much still active. While the client is rather simple compared to others, it does it's job and lets you get on with exploring the game and does provide a few extras as you get into the game such as aliases for common used text commands.

Blerb: Genesis is free text-based roleplaying game set in a huge fantasy world.
Genesis is one of the oldest and best fantasy-roleplaying games of all time. For 25 years, it has been home to players from all around the world.

Play as one of over 10 different races and sub-races, determining the story behind who you are, and who you will choose to become.

Explore by adventuring in over 20 realms, many of which have been inspired by popular settings from fantasy literature and others which are unique originals.

Complete hundreds of hand-crafted and thematic quests scattered throughout the game, many of which reward riches and powerful items to those who prevail against their mysteries.

Pit yourself against thousands of unique foes, either to gain power and fortune as a ransacking raider, or to protect the lands you love from unwanted enemies.

Arm yourself with a countless array of items that can be found, won, purchased, or crafted. If you are lucky, you might even find one of the rare enchanted items that are randomly imbued with power by the strange forces that lurk in the deeps.

And, most importantly, determine your role in the fabric of the realms by choosing your profession from over 20 thematic guilds, all of which supply their members with purpose, power, and a deep storyline.

Come be part of the unfolding history of the original roleplaying LPMud - Genesis!
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