Genie Head Massager £2.99 delivered @ Sendit
Genie Head Massager £2.99 delivered @ Sendit

Genie Head Massager £2.99 delivered @ Sendit

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ust a few seconds of help from this Head Massager is enough to send you into a chilled out state of bliss. Specifically designed to stimulate your nerve endings and massage acupressure points on your neck, scalp, and temples. Being on the receiving end of this will have you submitting to anything and anyone. As soon as you apply the weightless fingers of "The Genie" we guarantee you will be demanding more and more. This really is the "ultimate" massager.


This is for your Head?? Ha ha, yeh right!

its quite cool, but wouldn't buy one


What else are you gonna do with it? Do tell.................

These used to be sold as a Sex Toy a few years ago, only recently have they been touted as a Head massager and not a sexual massager. Funnly enough when I had a quick Bing search I could not find much to back this up so I now look like a Fanny!:-D

This was the only thing I could find for the Genie on another site;

Since we are all different, the Orgasmatron (Genie) can mould to fit any size or shaped head, as well as suiting the needs of each individual – to some it may be relaxing and soothing, to others it may be an absolute scream of sexual ecstasy! Make the hairs on your neck stand up and get yourself tingling from your nose to your toes with the genuine, authentic and one-of-a-kind Head Massager!

I have one of these but it just makes me scream...and I don't mean in a good way!


They sell these in Shelter (the charity shop) for £1.69 or something, although might just be the ones around here....
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