Gentlemen's Hand Massager: Your Buzzom Buddy only £3.99 delivered

Gentlemen's Hand Massager: Your Buzzom Buddy only £3.99 delivered

Found 4th Jan 2007
Feel the vibes with this 'specially' shaped personal hand massager...the perfect soother for overworked hands. This soft, squeezy, stress-relieving 'boob' vibrates when turned on. A recommended cure for such modern day ailments as: 'computer mouse strain', 'drinkers hand fatigue', 'writers cramp', 'road ragers fist fatigue', 'limp wrist' and 'solitary stimulation strain'. You won't want to live without your new 'buzzom' buddy!


Vibrating stress reliever. requires 1 AA battery -not included
Dimensions: 13.5cm (5.5 inches) x11cm (4.5 inches

Looks just the ticket for those boring days in the office doesnt it gents


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you uncultured lot, not one reply :). I will let you know how i get on with it

A pic may help:-

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lol, thx dino

Still around for £3.99 ;-)

Would you feel a tit if you bought one of these?:p


A pic may help:-

:whistling: Certainly did ... I was thinking all sorts of dodgy items :whistling:

no not even going to go there read the title and my mind is already dirty

Still around...

Thanks for the reminder disease

At £3.99 you kinda have to buy two... you know, for authentitcity.

Bdum tsh. :giggle:

Thanks for the pic dino - thought I had put this in my original post, but my mind must have been on other things.

I've tried to edit, but it won't let me add the pic - can a mod do this please.
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