gents bracelet watch was £18 now £5 + £5 off voucher @ Additions Direct

gents bracelet watch was £18 now £5 + £5 off voucher @ Additions Direct

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Found 23rd Jun 2009
use voucher ZQ213 new + existing customers for free watch (add to your additions account for a small credit re VAT savings)

or don't use the voucher for a decent style watch for less than £5...

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Perhaps someone will explain why this is such a bad deal.

OK, so it ain't a Seiko.

Er. It's a fiver.

and it appears that you get £5 back to spend.

Daylight bloody robbery!!!

I'm waiting for the 3rd post for this same watch in 1 day...though if its any cheaper they'd be paying the customer to have it lol!


its already been posted or was that for another catalogue - lmfao

You still have to pay for delivery it works out to £3.80 odd

But if you go to littlewoods:

The same code works and free delivery. I got it for 87p:whistling:

thanx just got one for 87p

It looks suspiciously like something you'd get here!

Hey that looks a quality outlet!!!

I tried it with Empires (as usually the same) but code wouldn`t work

my Checkout says £8.84 not £5, COLD!



thanx just got one for 87p

I have been robbed. It cost me a quid!

Its currently Unavailable now.
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