Genuine Apple iPhone 6/6S Plus Red Leather cover - £14.99 @ PC World

Genuine Apple iPhone 6/6S Plus Red Leather cover - £14.99 @ PC World

Found 16th Oct 2015
I know it's red, but this is a bargain for a genuine Apple leather case, usually £35. I don't use cases myself but bought it to use on holiday or nights out!
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For the 6S Plus only, not 6/6S (been this price for a while)
Aweful quality. I wouldn't bother
i'm in the market for a case for my new 6s (not plus..) but this does look a bit garish i must admit
Quality isn't great. Had a navy one for my iPhone 6 and it showed marks and signs of wear really quickly.
The quality IS great and because it's made of leather it will show signs of wear and tear just like a leather belt would. If this bothers you, then its not for you.

I have the red leather on my 6 and had it for a year now. It's gotten dirty and dull around the edges, but has protected my phone really well.
try CEX
I agree - the Quality is excellent. I've had the black one on my 6 for a year, and it's still as good as new, and has protected the phone from drops and scratches. I paid full price for mine and would buy it again. I have the genuine Red one on my iPad and again quality is excellent. However, I wouldn't buy red again as it has got filthy inside on the flap. the outside is grubby, but it's leather and looks fine, if a little weathered on the outside. My wife has the Red case on her phone though, and that still looks like new. Despite the normal price, these are excellent cases.
Got mine from Cex. £8 for blue, brown and black. Bought all three, new and sealed. The lighter colours tend to stain and look a bit rubbish after a while but these are still good quality; I just don't think bright colours are very appropriate for absorbent, soft leather.
I heard it will be a tight fit on the 6S Plus as it's slightly "thicker"
It's leather, leather ages and changes colour over time especially in your pocket surely people know this by now. I have this case and it's great quality but I prefer the silicone cases which look nicer imo. Benefit of the leather one is they don't turn your pockets inside out when removing
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