Genuine Apple Ipod/Iphone usb to dock adapter £4.99 @ Qfonic
Genuine Apple Ipod/Iphone usb to dock adapter £4.99 @ Qfonic

Genuine Apple Ipod/Iphone usb to dock adapter £4.99 @ Qfonic

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I know dealextreme sell clones of this cable for a rather cheap price (BELIEVE ME. I KNOW. I just had 4 delivered, all not working.) so after getting my fingers burned too many times lately with iphone equipment that doesn't work (alarm docks, 3g sync docks you name it.) I have decided to only buy the real deal.

I don't want to see anyone mentioning the dealextreme deal either. READ THE PAGE. You'll see MANY others of late that have complained their cable doesn't work. I thought I knew better too :P

Anyway, delivery is free, the item came roughly 36 hours after I ordered it, and yes, totally genuine.

If you appreciate this H+R please hehe



I know exactly where your coming from with buying genuine stuff as opposed to deal extreme. Thats much the case with headphones and deal extreme, after buying 10 pairs of headphones from deal extreme, and none of them lasted, i realised i may aswell just buy a good set

Good deal

Does anyone know the length of this cable ?

I've picked up a few in Poundland and they work perfectly!

Bought 4 or 5 clones from DE and absolutely no probs whatsoever.

£4.99 is still a stupid price for a proprietary USB cable. Cold.

Good price for a genuine cable. Fake ones work just as well though...

Bought fake ones off fleabay, they just made my iPhone overheat without even charging it.

I agree, genuine is the best way. Hate how much you get ripped off though.

Wanted a charger and dock for my iphone 3G, for work and home. An extra plug, cable and dock cost a combined total of just under £50!! Had to buy them all separately. And of course, my old ipod plug and cable doesnt work with the iphone!!!

Had £1 ones from China off ebay with no problems

Great deal - have been trying to get a replacement and went into Dixons last week, who wanted nearly £15 for this!

Nice work OP, H&R added!

Great price, I've just ordered one.

I have one of these already but it connects my iPhone 3G dock into a wall adapter. Everytime I want to connect the phone to the computer - I have to disconnect it from the dock and wall socket. Very annoying, so I was looking to buy an extra cable to simply use it to connect directly to the computer.

Never had problems with dx or eBay cables, the apple ones always seem to come lose near the bit u put in the phone for me, in fact writing this with my iPhone and the cables showing the bare wire lol Better than paying the original apple price I guess but I've never had any problems with eBay or DX cables and I quite prefer them.

great price for the genuine stuff. heated.
if anybody is looking for ipod stuff *genuine* thingsa, i have a few for sale here hotukdeals.com/ite…-j/

i got an ipod in december, few weeks after i had it the genuine cable broke at the usb connector, better off using £1 ones

Im all over this deal...

I've purchased 6 iphone cables off dealextreme with none of them working. Purchased 2 from different sellers on eBay - again a no go. All along, even though my original iPhone cable is falling apart (the rubber bits ripped from both ends of the 'plugs') it still works fine unlike the cheapo's.

Want a genuine one but Apple.com charge £5 deliver on their £10 cable which would cost £1 for delivery - max, so they are a total rip off. Amazon is about £13-14 so not much different, and not trusting marketplace sellers either given the trouble ive had.

Pity it's not actually in stock though and with no ETA...

Grrr...out of stock!!

The Deal extreme and "genuine" possibly come from exactly the same factory.

Mine works fine and it was £1

Apple make a fortune on accesories, still, some people think they are buying better quality if they pay over the odds.

Original Poster

Looks like we killed the stock they had lol.

To each of those posting about the £1 cable working fine, they are not cables from the same factory. I opened one up, and the soldering was just disgusting. Nothing could possibly have worked.

The dealextreme cables ARE NOT COMPARABLE to anyone with an iphone 3g, ipod touch 2g or a nano 4g. Understand? You may argue the toss all you like, but you are wrong, and that's the end of it.

If you don't believe me, a bit of research please before you vent here. That's all I ask, and thats what I'd give you before yammering on about something I know squat about

I got a Belkin USB iPod/iPhone + USB dock for about £7 (on offer I think they normally sell for quite a bit more). Handy piece of kit because my laptop only has two USB ports so I run out of port quickly. Does suit my need better, but this is a good price for an official kit.
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