Genuine Apple Remote £9.80 delivered @ DealExtreme

Genuine Apple Remote £9.80 delivered @ DealExtreme

Found 17th Jul 2009
- Gives you total command of your music, photos, videos from anywhere in the room
- It combines with Front Row -- a menu-driven, full-screen interface -- to make accessing your iMac's digital bounty from any seat in the room as simple as navigating your iPod
- When you click the Apple Remote's Menu button, your desktop fades and Front Row's sleek interface takes its place to give you control over your music in iTunes, your photos in iPhoto, the videos in your Movies folder and whatever movies you want to play
- Turn up the volume. Shuffle. Skip to the next chapter
- Play a slideshow, a home movie you made in iMovie, even a movie trailer
- Just sit back and enjoy the show


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lol... your a hard lot to please :roll:


lol... your a hard lot to please :roll:

It's just there's a bunch of mac haters here unfortunately. Excellent price if indeed it is genuine.

Genuine and dealextreme in the same sentence lol, sorry genuine fakes.

Dealextreme are great...but not for "genuine" products.

Only £8.99 on amazon delivered

If anyone wants, I am selling a couple at £6 each delivered - new and unused. ]Linky
Definitely have to agree with the 'hard lot to please' comment!

now you tell me i just bought one off ebay for 7 delivered

Plenty on ebay for around £7. The chance of getting a fake is probably less or equal to DX, much as I love tehm.
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