GENUINE Oakley 'Gascan' Brown Smoke Titanium Iridium - £35 Delivered @ Shade Station (Just in case the sun comes back!)
GENUINE Oakley 'Gascan' Brown Smoke Titanium Iridium - £35 Delivered @ Shade Station (Just in case the sun comes back!)

GENUINE Oakley 'Gascan' Brown Smoke Titanium Iridium - £35 Delivered @ Shade Station (Just in case the sun comes back!)

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Ok, here's the drill. It's Summer, and you are in Britain. You vaguely remember there being some scorching days over 3-4 weeks ago, and since then for many of us it's been rain, wind, thunder... and sometimes even cold. But this is Britain for you - you all know that. Long story short, weather is as unpredictable as the Met Office is predictable. In other words, anything can happen. It's still Summer whether the weather says so or not - next week could see the return of Mr. Sun and potentially even Mr. Sun Burn... Or maybe tomorrow...

So you should get yourself some decent sunglasses just in case all the planets in the solar system align, the moon is blue and the Leprechauns are dancing. For me... it's gotta be Oakleys. The problem is they are usually pretty pricey... The 'Gascan' range has been the only one remotely within my budget at an average £55-60, which was still a bit too much for my blood.

But, what's this I found? Genuine Oakleys for £35? AND free delivery? Yeah right!

No, seriously! The only catch though is that if you want them at this price you need to select the Brown Smoke frame with Titanium Iridium lenses. The brown frame isn't as attractive as the black ones (my personal taste) though they are a break from the norm and stand out a bit more which some may like... Plus it's a saving of almost £30 over the black frames ones.

For £35 they could be Pink for all I care... I gound Genuine Oakleys for £35 delivered!

And sorry, I had to buy mine first before posting the deal - wanted to ensure I got my order in before all you eBayers got here! Ordered 4:30am this morning - order dispatched 9:30am. Got a tracking number for them too.

'Deal' link not working. Direct link: shadestation.co.uk/Oak…tml

PS. They do genuinely seem like good sunglasses too... not just a name. On Buzzillions.com (http://www.buzzillions.com/dz_24166_unisex_oakley_gascan_iridium_reviews) they get an average rating of 4.6/5 with 144 reviews! Out of all these reviews... there are some positives to be found. Out of 144 reviewers, only 2 thought they were uncomfortable. Only 1 thought they were of poor protection. Only 8 uses 'not polarized' as a con. At £35 what more could you want?! I've had cheap sunglasses all my life (I'm 25) so really looking forward to giving these a go... Just hope there's some decent days ahead to give me an excuse to wear them!


What Sun...oh you mean the one with Page 3.....none in leeds...gonna vote hot...

Original Poster

Yeah vote hot and then there might be a need for sunglasses :-D

You never know though... the clouds could disperse and let the Sun out. Still a couple+ weeks of Summer left yet.

Just remember that we do get cloudless, low-sun skies in winter too. It's not the heat that makes us wear shades, it's the brightness!
Voted hot just for the effort put into the description.

Great price for Oakleys. Ordered a pair. Heat added too

Can't find them. Out of stock?

Price has just went up £5 for me - ???

had to give these a go for the money... bring on the sun!

Expired now £40

now 50... must go up with more clicks

Original Poster

Yeah they are now £40. Still a fantastic deal though for Oakleys, folks - and still by far the cheapest I can find anywhere else. Shame it's went up a bit though.

Original Poster

Now £42.50 - wonder what they are up to... decide on a price!

Given how these seem to have changed in price at least 3 times since posting, I would recommend that if you are interested to do some random refreshes over the next few hours - you might see it reduce to the £35 again if lucky.

Well done to those who got an order in before the price jump!
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