Genuine Official Samsung In-Car Holder - Official - Galaxy Note 2, S3, and more - Amazon just £16.20

Genuine Official Samsung In-Car Holder - Official - Galaxy Note 2, S3, and more - Amazon just £16.20

Found 9th Dec 2012
Yes you can get vehicle docks for cheaper, but if you are sticking in a Note 2 or S3 (a phone worth £300-400+) then you want something a bit more sturdy.

It is a shame that this is just a car holder (no Docking features), but for £16.73, it is excellent quality, very well built, and universal for loads of SmartPhones (not just Samsung).

Great video review here -…P3Q

It is available for cheaper on Amazon Market, but I would prefer the safety of Amazon myself.


Now £16.99!
- ukbill69

now £17.10
- ukbill69

- ukbill69
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I have a S3 and use a £4 one i got off Dealextreme, it hasnt fallen once.
£16.73 for some plastic. Seriously, £5 ones work just fine.

I didn't bought SGS3 because there is a Samsung logo but because of quality that i like.
I had this holder in my hand and honestly some holders for a £5 have similar Quality.

This Holder is made from ABS China like many other holders so production cost is about the same. You are paying for a brand.

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Have seen the same price from past few months. Voted hot

£16.73 for some plastic. Seriously, £5 ones work just fine.

Check how much similar plastic costs with apple logo

There is cheaper seller, but Amazon is better with returns

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£16.73 for some plastic. Seriously, £5 ones work just fine.

No they dont. I have used cheapo ones are they are awful; quality is often terrible.

Having said that i only use Brodit holders now. They are more expensive than this rubbish but well worth it. They are bullet proof sturdy and are properly and cleverly mounted on the dash with no tool required for the mount and causes no damage to the dash once installed or removed. Been using them for years.…ome

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I've added a video review to the main post -…P3Q

It shows just how sturdy it is compared with cheaper versions.
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It is £14.95 from one of the marketplace sellers on the right hand side of the same amazon page.
ha ha don't get me started on Apple products. How they can get away with charging that much for their products is beyond me.

I suppose if you travel a lot and need your phone on the dash then a more expensive one may be better, but for most drivers a cheap one does the job!
Now £17.10!
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Mine arrived today, very good quality, and super sturdy. Even fits my Note 2 with a case. Very pleased.
To expensive for some plastic
This isn't a deal at all. Even other sellers on Amazon have similar price.
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Price reduced to £16.20
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I posted last deal on this, this is an even better price.

I have my Note 2 in the official Samsung cases, and fitd perfectly. no shake and no problems.

I prefer the security of this product over an adjustable one from ebay for a few quid.

Great deal and voted hot.
Just ordered one, now £10.59
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