Genuine samsung galaxy s3 official battrey £3.99 @ ebay/e_techuk

Genuine samsung galaxy s3 official battrey £3.99 @ ebay/e_techuk

Found 13th Jan 2013
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don't know why this is cold .. great price for a new battery
This listing () has been removed, or this item is not available.

not on ebay now, or you posted wrong link.. might be why its cold
If the UKHotdeals description is to be taken literally, then this item must come from the East End of London - could imagine Kat from Eastenders say her Battrey had died on her phone!! Good price though, although if you need a new battrey already then phone should still be under warranty as S3 aint been around that long have they?
Probably a fake at that price, hence eBay removing it??
ok, it's not removed

£3.99 is a decent price for a spare though i suppose
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Definitely fake. Average price for fake battery
FAKE batteries, my mate bought one from them. Lasted one month,then does not want to keep charge.
The seller of the item has been blocked by ebay.
Fake battery screwed my HTC Desire up. This don't match my battery and the official spare batteries from Samsung I have looked at
Bought a "genuine" one from eBay for my SGS2 a couple of months ago. Looks completely legit, but is ever so slightly thicker than the original. Makes the back cover bulge out and doesn't fit in the battery slot of my docking charger. Doesn't hold quite so much juice as the original either, despite being much newer!

Buyer beware.

don't know why this is cold .. great price for a new battery

Cold as it's 'genuine' not 'official' (OP has added that in error) and hence why it's cheap.

Chinese knock-off's all use the word genuine to confuse buyers who think they are buying a branded original (official) product.

As long as it's a 'genuine battery' that's the main thing If you want spare batteries and aren't bothered about NFC then you can get two Anker batteries and a separate wall charger for them for £10 from Amazon.
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