Geomag Panels 46 piece only £1.99 @Home Bargins instore

Geomag Panels 46 piece only £1.99 @Home Bargins instore

Found 28th Nov 2007Made hot 28th Nov 2007
Purchased these and they are a great buy meant to be 15.99 each.
Not sure if its nationwide but were in the Telford Branch


Ma kids would kove this thanks for the bargin

keep the good work up thanks

HOT HOT HOT for me


These were in Wythenshaw as well.
Also had 86 piece (I think) for £3.99

Kids love these - good for science too!

They have them in the Heanor store as well. I work in Home Bargains and ive noticed all the prices are quite cheap lol

Is this a Home Bargains store anywhere in the Surrey area?

Only if you consider Northampton to be close... :-(

Bargain wish I had one of these stores near me....;(

They had these in the Bridgend store too.

thanks, got one today in Home Bargains, 86 piece set for £3.99 for my 11 year old god-daughter.:santa:

Got the 84 piece set for £3.99 at Sheffield today, as they'd none of the smaller pack. There were some Supermag 35 piece sets at £1.99 that apparently glow in the dark, and for £7.99 you can make your own moving Ferrari F1 car out of Supermag...looked quite good too (about a foot long).

They also had Lord of The Rings Trilogy Trivial Pursuit DVD game for £3.99 there, which could be entertaining on Christmas Night
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