(George A. Romero's) Land of the Dead DVD. £1 instore @ Poundland

(George A. Romero's) Land of the Dead DVD. £1 instore @ Poundland

Found 6th May 2010Made hot 6th May 2010
Spotted this on the shelves in the Preston branch. Seemed to be a fair number of copies, but not sure if stocked in all branches. Can't complain at £1, surely..


Kinda cheesy, but worth a quid if you're into zombie movies.

Brilliant price for this. Already got it but adding heat for the deal!

Saw this in the new Canterbury branch today, easily 100+ copies

bad film.....romero's films in the last 70's early 80's were classics but they havent moved on much

Yep I snapped this up myself in Norwich on Saturday.

Was tempted to post this myself, but did not think it would go hot. Obviously I was wrong..

£1 for a quality film, of course it would heat up nicely


gawd how dated does this look now? :-D


gawd how dated does this look now? :-D

It's five years old!

£1 is a bargain, I paid about £8 a few years ago

not his greatest film but not his worst...diary of the *****... great find! hot

hot, very respectable romero movie

Good find. Poundland stock seems to differ considerably according to region though, so you may be lucky or you may not..


It's five years old!

was thinking of the original :-D

This is worth watching just for Asia Argento. A wicked woman and no mistake.

Bought one 2 days ago in Poundland, Newtownards. Prob shuda posted it myself............Heat added!

Movie's total kack, but worth a punt for quid I suppose.

Bargain for a squid. Nowhere near as good as the original Dead films but well worth it for this price
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