George @ Asda Sale with upto 50% off starts tomorrow! (Some sale items now live on link)

George @ Asda Sale with upto 50% off starts tomorrow! (Some sale items now live on link)

Found 27th Feb 2015
The prices below will be ***WHEN*** the sale is live as not fully live until tomorrow - keep checking though as some will go live today before moving into the sale category

Free click & collect as standard

Men’s check shirtwas £10 now £5
Men’s Faux Fur Trim Parka Was £35 now £20
Mens Shawl Neck Chunky Jumper was £12 now £8 h
Mens Leather Upper Boots was £35 now £20
Mens Boston Crew Merino Wool Jumper was £16 now £8
Mens Faux Fur Trim Nylon Parka was £30 now £15
Girls Borg Lined Parka was £20 now £10
Girls Girls Glitter Ballet was £7 now £4
Girls Girls Chelsea Boots was £15 now £8
Girls Girls Peppa Pig Gilet was £12 now £8
Boys Dessert Boot Trainers was £13 now £6
Boys Contrast Lapel suit jacket was £20 now £10
Boys Panelled Sports Coat was £14 now £8
Boys Shawl Neck Jumper was£12 now £8
Baby Mini mouse sleep bag (girls baby) was £11 now £5
Baby 3 Piece Hoody, Top and Joggers Set (boys baby) was £10 now £6
Baby 4 Piece Jersey Set (boys baby) was £9 now £5
Baby 4 Piece Butterfly Print Set (girls baby) was £9 now £5
Disney Frozen Sisters Forever Cardigan was £10 now £8
Disney Frozen Top and Leggings Set £14 now £6
Frozen Dress was £14 now £6
Frozen Faux Fur Coat was £20 now £10
FROZEN Girls Disney Frozen 3 pack vests was £5 now £3
FROZEN Frozen Olaf Pyjamas was £9 now £5
FROZEN Disney Frozen Elsa and Anna Pyjamas was £9 now £5 l
FROZEN Frozen T-shirt was £7 now £3
FROZEN Disney Frozen 5 Pack Briefs was £4 now £2
FROZEN Frozen Photo Leggings was £4.50 now £2
Womens Wedge Shoe Boots Was £20 now £10
Womens Embellished court shoes was £14 now £8
Womens Block Heeled Boots was £18 now £10
Women Lace Double Layer Dress Was £25 now £15
Womens Aztec Print Cardigan Was £22 now £10
Womens Floral Scuba Dress Was £25 now £15
Womens Women’s check duster coat Was £20 now £10
Womens Guipure Lace Prom Dress was £40 now £15
Womens Leather Look Biker Jacket Was £30 now £15

Loads more when live
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HOT, but hurry!

Asda DB[database] that serves the servers with the stock added, is not live, so make sure you refresh your browsers, after hitting Ye-Olde-Goon-Linko-Link above.. that way, everytime you refresh your page, you will see the "out of stock/or new added items" to grab..

Live stock to visitors:

Live stock [same page] to visitors after refresh at SAME TIME!
Any idea when this will be instore?
So those who have previews day before will be able to view online sale tomorrow?
Just had 2 waxed parkas for my daughter in plum & khaki £8 each, bargain! Thanks Op!
started in the dunstable store today
No sale today, thanks op, just got Parker. Will take it back for a refund then get it in the sale.
Ordered a few items! Heat
Thanks OP
hot, ive still got a load of clothes from the sale back in dec and jan. So tempted to buy but must resist, I love to hate you uk hot deals
Sale not started at Glasgow Fort which is a shame as there were items online that were not in the size I wanted so thought I would try instore an they were all still full-price!
Thankyou have some heat
U can buy the items at full price instore then when sale starts get refund and re buy at sale price.
Who is George? I know Terry at Asda but never heard of George? How do we get to know him? A quick Rollback?
just been to asda tunstall and sale doea not start till monday
Anyone know how long sale lasts? Thanks.

Anyone know how long sale lasts? Thanks.

I just read that it ends when stocks sold out, just in case anyone else wanted to know.

The website is rubbish though. Clicked on ties and it took me to lingerie section lol. Trying to tell me something!?
It may be my pc but the pages on this website take ages to load
Got 3 jumpers though eventually.
Mobile site is crap
not in store at Darlaston or Walsall Asdas.
Just bought the kakhi mens Parker for £20 100% reveiws heat added



U can buy the items at full price instore then when sale starts get … U can buy the items at full price instore then when sale starts get refund and re buy at sale price.

I phoned up Asda and was told it would be fine to do that in store.

Not so according to guy I spoke to in store. I said I'd get a refund and then buy it back if that's easier. The sales guy said its fraud. Utter rubbish I recon! He actually said he wasn't allowed to refund the difference. I could return it but wasn't allowed to buy it back. He said he asked the manager but I don't believe him to be honest.

The jacket wasn't in store so I just left. It's a good price anyway. Had been looking at parkers for a while now, some at over £60 but this is much better and cheaper even at £35.

Thought I should share experience in case others think about doing same thing and it doesn't work out.
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