George Foreman 10042 Double Champion 1/2 price now only £50 delivered!!

George Foreman 10042 Double Champion 1/2 price now only £50 delivered!!

Found 5th Jun 2007
Manufacturer's Description
The George Foreman Indoor / Outdoor grill is the most radical yet versatile product to enter the UK outdoor cooking market since the popular gas-fuelled barbecues. If swapping over a gas bottle is too complicated for you and the thought of lighting coals is just too much of an effort, what could be simpler than plugging in?

With virtually no smoke, the Double Champion is great for people living in apartment blocks with small terraces or for people living in a smokeless zone. The George Foreman Double Champion grill easily converts from indoor to outdoor use, perfect for the UKs temperamental summers. Easier to use and more convenient than its gas or solid fuel counterparts, the grill is a must for health conscious UK households.

George Foremans Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine is the world's No. 1 selling grill, market-leader in the USA and now the UK. The unique sloped groove system keeps food above and away from the fat and channels it into drip trays provided, whilst the double-sided non-stick grills cook food evenly cutting most cooking times in half. The Double Champion is capable of grilling up to 12 burgers or 12 chicken breasts at one time, the 6cm floating hinge can accommodate extra thick steaks, chops and more while the variable temperature gives more flexibility and control.

Product Features
The grill that doubles as a BBQ - specially designed for both indoor and outdoor use
1290SQCM of Grilling Surface
Grills up to 12 Burgers at one Time
5CM Floating Hinge Allows Grilling of Extra Steaks Chops and more
Variable Temperature Control
30 Minute Timer
Cast Aluminium Body
Silver/Chrome Finish
1600W Heating Element
Sloped Grill and Rib Design Channels Grease into Aluminium Grease Tray
Double Non-Stick Grill Cooks from Top and Bottom at the same time for Fast Even and Complete Grilling Results
Indoor or Outdoor Use
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Are the grills removable?

These things are a pain in the arse to clean if not.

I wouldn't even buy one without removable grills, tbh.
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