George Foreman 12205 Entertaining Removable Plates Grill - Silver, 6 Portion Amazon £59.98 & FREE Delivery in the UK

George Foreman 12205 Entertaining Removable Plates Grill - Silver, 6 Portion Amazon £59.98 & FREE Delivery in the UK

Found 28th Jun 2014
RRP: £99.99
Price: £59.98 & FREE Delivery in the UK. Details
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Cooks up to 6 portions
Digital variable temperature control
Digital 20 minute timer
Floating hinge enables cooking of extra thick food
Grill channels fat and grease into separate drip tray

Fat reduction is at the core of the George Foreman brand and independent tests have shown that the George Foreman Grill removes up to 42% of fat* from food. The patented angled grill channels fat and grease away from foods, and contact grilling from both sides applies gentle pressure onto food encouraging additional fat to be removed.

george foreman
Dishwasher safe

George Foreman Grills cook from the top and bottom plates at the same time making cooking up to 3 times faster and more energy efficient than conventional methods.

George formean
Digital timer
Removable Plates

The grill plates on the 12205 Entertaining Grill can easily be removed and popped in to the dishwasher for hassle free cleaning. The plates also have easy-lock handles allowing for simple plate removal.

Digital Timer

To help prevent you from ever over-cooking anything, the 12205 Entertaining Grill comes complete with a digital timer that you can set each time you are cooking, keeping everything succulent, tasty and never burnt.

variable temperature
Variable Temperature

Large protions
This grill benefits from a variable temperature control function for browning meat. This function allows you to cook food at its optimum temperature according to the type of food you are cooking and of course, personal taste. For example, one piece of meat may not need a red hot temperature, while another piece might benefit from a bit of sizzle.

Floating Hinge

The grill’s carefully designed floating hinge accommodates extra thick cuts, meaning that you can be generous with your slicing. With a floating hinge the grill top can move more freely, great for toasting sandwiches, paninis or more generous portions.

George foreman
Portion Size

The 6 portion 12205 George Foreman Entertaining Grill is designed for families, fitting 6 chicken breasts on to the grill at one time. It is also a great addition to any dinner party.

Non-stick grill plates

There is no need to add butter or oil to the George Foreman grill plates as they are non-stick, allowing you to be that little bit more healthy. The non-stick coating also makes it easier for the fat to glide away from the food and having this coating also creates an easy clean surface.

What can I cook?

With your George Forman Grill you can look forward to cooking a variety of food such as red and white meat, fish, vegetables, all from fresh or frozen. You can create many delicious recipes from burgers and sausages to kebabs and toasted sandwiches.

*Measured against 20% fat content beef burgers (113g).

Box Contains
1 x 12205 George Foreman Entertaining Grill with Removable Plates
1 x Drip tray
1 x Instruction booklet
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this was £50 a couple of months ago
it isnt now though and some peeps still might want it at this price, its still reduced

this was £50 a couple of months ago

Looks like a while ago to me, plus sadly the HUKD time machine isn't working so that price is not what we can buy it for now is it

same price at currys if anyone wants the extra Quidco
We've just bought one and it's not as good as the fixed plate version cooking time is longer as the plates don't heat quick/hold the heat but on the plus side the removal plates in the dishwasher is good I don't think I'd buy one again
I bought one of these exact grills (12205) back in 2008 (for £49.97!)

It has only had light usage since then (it lived in a cupboard for some time), but stopped working a couple of weeks ago - the plates were getting warm but not hot - so I'm about to replace it.

I don't think that I'll go for the same model again. The variable heat is pointless - I cooked everything on the highest setting - and the timer just goes "beep" (it doesn't turn off the heat), and I have enough timers in the kitchen already.

I'll probably try a fixed plate model, as I've read a number of comments that suggest these get up to temperature and retain heat longer.
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