George Foreman 14685 Removable Plates £44.99 @ Amazon

George Foreman 14685 Removable Plates £44.99 @ Amazon

Found 23rd Jan 2011
George Foreman 14685 4-Portion Family Removable Plates Grill in Black
£74.93 Tesco

Grill channels fat and grease in to separate drip tray for healthier eating

Cooks over twice as fast as conventional cooking methods

Removable, dishwasher safe grill plates for easier cleaning

Floating hinge allows you to evenly cook extra thick food and sandwiches

Versatile: can cook vegetables, any meat or fish (fresh or frozen) and paninis

Manufacturer's Description
Since its launch in 2001 the George Foreman grill has taken the UK by storm. Its phenomenal success has been due to its patented fat reducing design, ease of use, versatility and speed. The 14685 removable plates grill does everything you would expect from a George Foreman grill but with a little bit extra.

The George Foreman grill has become synonymous with healthy eating. The grill plates are specially designed to channel any excess fat and grease into a separate drip tray. What makes this even more impressive is that it is done without compromising on taste. The instant heat from the top and bottom cooking plates sears the food and locks in the flavours. The result is that you can cook all your favourite foods but in a healthier way without any extra effort.

Not only do you not need any extra effort, the George Foreman grill actually makes cooking a lot easier and quicker. By grilling from both the bottom and top simultaneously, food cooks over twice as
fast. As a guide chicken breasts, sausages and beef steaks need a little more than 10 minutes to cook. This makes the George grill a much faster but also more convenient cooking methods versus a conventional grill or oven. No long wait for your oven to heat up and no more dirty oven dishes and grill racks to deal with, just switch on your George Foreman grill and drop on any food you want to cook in it.

By any food we do mean ANY food. The grill can handle everything including vegetables, any meat or seafood (from fresh or frozen) and even snacks like toasted sandwiches and paninis. Another great feature is the floating hinge which enables the grill to adjust to even the thickest of foods, making it as versatile as possible.

The George Foreman 14685 Removable Plates Grill comes with a little bit extra. All George Foreman grills have a special non stick coating making them easy to clean. However the 14685 is designed with removable cooking plates for the ultimate in convenience. Sliding the handles on each side allows you to effortlessly remove both the top and bottom cooking plates, making it easier to clean them at the sink or pop them in the dishwasher.

This combination of quick and easy cooking method and convenience of the removable plates, make this one of the best and most popular George Foreman grills in the market today.

Box Contents
1 x George Foreman grill
1 x drip tray
1 x Spatula
1 x Instruction and recipe book
1 x 12 month guarantee card

- spacemaniac
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Good price - saw this last week at T J Hughes for £59.99.
Been looking for a new one with removable plates for a while, my old one broke and i've been lost without it. Cheers x
Ty xxp
temp control is a must now

I got this a few months ago (I think £30 from ASDA) to replace an old one which had temp control and removable plates. I must say the removable plates on this are really bad and don't fit very well, also the lack of a temperature control is a mega loss. At this price I would be unhappy with it and looking for a refund.
Came today and i have to say i'm very impressed..
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