George Foreman 531sq/cm 10946 Cafe George Grill just £24.97 Delivered!

George Foreman 531sq/cm 10946 Cafe George Grill just £24.97 Delivered!

Found 16th Nov 2006
Bargain price on this George Foreman Cafe George at just £24.99 including delivery! That's a lot of healthy grilling space for your money!

Features: 531square cm of grilling space, grills up to 6 burgers or 6 chicken breasts at one time * 30 minute timer with auto shut off * Sloped grill design, channels grease into drip tray * Double non-stick grill cooks from top and bottom at the same time for fast, even, complete grilling results * 2 drip trays to catch run-off fat * 2 specially designed spatulas which fit perfectly into the grooves of the grill plates
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[COLOR=darkred]Manufacturer's Description
With the [COLOR=darkred]George Foreman Café George Grill (Model No. 10946)[/COLOR], you can dramatically cut down on your fat intake and still eat your favourite meals thanks to its patented groove system, which allows the leftover grease to run off into a separate tray, ensuring a tastier and healthier bite. Available in a stylish brushed metal design the [COLOR=darkred]Café George[/COLOR] contains enough grilling space to cook six burgers or chicken breasts or alternatively three pannini’s or baguettes. It also has a double non-stick coated grill that cooks both sides of the food at the same time for fast and even more complete grilling. A staggering six million George Foreman Grills have been sold in the UK since its launch in Christmas 2001. With over 50 million sales in the US this revolutionary product, made famous by the former world heavyweight-boxing champion, is now officially the world’s no 1 selling Grill. The genius of the versatile and easy-to-use [COLOR=darkred]Café George[/COLOR], is that it cooks both sides of the food at once, sealing in all the flavour and often cutting cooking times by half. Patented grooves allow the leftover grease to run off into a separate tray, ensuring a tastier and healthier bite. The Grill's ingenious floating hinges mean that thick chops, chicken breasts, chunky vegetables and fruits all grill evenly in a matter of minutes, Café George’s double-coated non-stick surface also means that there is no need for oil or butter and makes cleaning-up easy and quick - the durable plates can simply be wiped down after cooking.

[COLOR=darkred]Box Contents[/COLOR]

George Foreman 10946 Café George Grill
1 x Drip tray
2 x Spatulas
Thanks ray great price for this and it would make an ideal prezzie!
Wasn't the original GF grill voted the most useless piece of equipment in the kitchen recently? I got one and used it a few times, useless at cooking properly...But don't let me put you off :-)
useless dont know about that , I use mine all the time.
Got the original one which cost loads more and am still very happy with it.:)

Just ordered one for my mother as part of her Christmas pressie.:santa:

BFP Don't give up so easily!;-) :giggle:
We have had the big classic for over a year. It's so easy to keep clean and cooks everything great. The amount of fat that it drains out is surprising. I didn't think they would be any good after a few "novelty" try outs. But I recommend them now :santa:
Thanks for the feedback all bythe way :santa:
does it have re-moveable plates for washing ?

The Classic?
it does not have removable plates but if you warm the plates up before cleaning them you just use washing up water and a sponge
The one we have has fixed plates. But they're still very easty to clean. You can wipe them off with a sponge whilst they're still warm and with soapy water. The non-stick plates are pretty tough too and all the water runs down to the front into the drip tray, same as the fat when cooking.
snap :santa:
no prizes for guessing who does the washing up in our houses lol
Argos also has george foreman grill machines on offer. Any idea which is value for money? So much to chose for. There is one adult and 3 young kids in the household to feed so i presume i am looking for a medium/large unit

thanks in advance
this is the one i would advise you go for exellent size for a family
also doubles as a pannini press
we have it
it might be a good idea to see if you can get one with plates that come off

you can even put them in the dish washer

lets hope they will be a bargain

it shows up as £37 for me, is there a voucher or something?

it shows up as £37 for me, is there a voucher or something?

amazon sometimes just put the price up.
Yeah The prices yoyo from day to day, so worth keeping a look out there :santa:
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