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Posted 27 December 2022

George Home 20L Flatbed Digital Microwave - Black £60 @ Asda

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Style and practicality go hand in hand with this microwave, flatbed design with no turntable, allowing you to heat foods in larger dishes or on square plates (up to 27cm x 27cm) with ease. Designed with 5 power levels and an 700W overall output, you can cook your ready meals or defrost your food in minutes while the smart design features a black cover, easy clean cavity and chrome buttons, making it a stylish addition to any kitchen.
This microwave has a 20L capacity and has an additional child lock for added safety.

- Easy clean cavity
-5 Power settings
-95 min timer

Since it is a star product, you will be able to receive £6 in cashpot
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    After getting a flatbed, no way I will go back to the ones with a plate. Saying this, I do feel the 'traditional' ones warm up the food better, or at least mine did. 700w is a bit low, while 20l inside will be more spacious than similar capacity 'traditional' microwaves. Hot for the price and if you have Blue Light Card, you'll get it at £54. (edited)
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    This is a great deal and also a great microwave, we've just bought one instore.
    ALSO worth pointing out this is actually an Asda classed 'Star product' so if you also scan the Asda app you'll also get an extra £6 in cash loaded onto the app plus we used our Blue light discount card and got another 10% off so our total price works out around £48

    49166198-dSxhj.jpg (edited)
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    Ive has this a while and its ace
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    I have this and it's brilliant. Still freaks me out though when the food doesn't spin
    I've got this one. For the first couple of weeks I kept glancing at my stationary food thinking "damn it's broken, no it's not im an idiot"
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    Yea I'll confirm a flatbed microwave is handy as owt; easier to clean, more capacity efficient. I've not got this particular brand but will definitely give flatbed technology the thumbs up... (Edited for sensitive content filter)
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    I had a Tesco flatbed. It lasted about 18 months before it rusted on the edge. Plus I found food did NOT get properly hot in the middle like it did on a turning microwave. Was glad when I got rid of it - personally would never have a flatbed again.

    Only 700W so will take longer to heat food as well. Reading the small print is so helpfuil when the wattage is not displayed on the box or in the title. (edited)
    I have to agree, 700w is a bit too low and in general the food in the middle does not get properly hot. But in my case, I still prefer the flatbed. I just set a minute extra, and if needs be, I stir the food.
    I've got limited space. The inside of a 20l flatbed is fine for us as it is more spacious than the inside of a turning microwave is. A 23l 'traditional' microwave probably has the same space inside as a 20l flatbed. But the external dimensions are too big for our kitchen. I find the flatbed more compact and easier to clean. (edited)
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    That's handy bhavani123
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    +1 for flatbed
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    Samsung ceramic inside surly rust proof?
    The inside is metal apart from the ceramic panel at the bottom that is sealed with sealant inside a frame or border of steel. Not sure how rust proof it will be, probably have to wait and see. In general microwaves tend to rust at the bottom around any seams, I've yet to find the rust proof microwave but out of the ones I've had in the past some of them start rusting in a year and others break in five with no rust. So who knows.
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    Got one of these from my local ASDA about 10 months ago. Works well , I do keep my door open on these as dont like getting rusty innards which I have had on various different microwaves in the past. I was extremely lucky and paid £32 as they were clearing the stock at the time. But £60 is still a great price for a flatbed.
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    +1 for flatbed…..
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    Ordered this few days back and will be delivered later today. Its a star buy so will get £7 back in Asda rewards cashpot.
    It will only be £6, right?
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    Got mine delivered today. Used the same model previously - only fault was the interior light gave up the ghost and started flashing on and off randomly after about a year. This new one has a yellow interior light so not sure if they realised there was an issue with the previous design and changed the spec to sort it out. Power cable could be longer but overall it's a thumbs up from me
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    I've had this model for about a year now and it's been brilliant.
    Much easier to put larger plates and dishes in than a turntable model, and much easier to clean. The bright interior light is amazing.
    Yes, you do have to cook food a tad longer and stir it during cooking, but then you'd have to do that on a stove anyway.
    I'd recommend this microwave all day long
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    Has anyone who ordered this for collection had any problems with getting the £6 reward?

    Mine hasn't shown in the app and I'm waiting for customers services to come back to me.