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Posted 15 January 2023

George Home Rice Cooker - £12 free collection @ Asda

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£12.00 WAS £18.00

Create the perfect rice dish using this hassle-free and stylish rice cooker. With two settings, cook or warm, the compact rice cooker couldn't be simpler to use and comes with a non-stick rice spoon for serving up beautifully uniformed portions. Before use you usually add between 1 to 1.5 cups per every cup of rice (using measuring cup supplied)

The grey design with contrasting black details and heatproof handles for safe handling will look perfect on any kitchen worktop.

The inner pot is dishwasher safe, or alternatively it can be washed in the usual way with hot soapy water. The inner pot is made of lightweight aluminium and features a non-stick surface to prevent rice from sticking.
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  1. ChrisNacca's avatar
    Are the more expensive rice cookers worth it
    steevieboy4u's avatar
    No just do the exact same thing. Personally I think the multi-cookers are better though as you can do more things. If you just want to cook rice just go for this
  2. SJ17's avatar
    For free click & collect, search asda rice cooker and click on the George site, not asda.
  3. LeeTheRed96's avatar
    Always thought about getting one of these.

    I use Aldi boil in the bag rice, 10 mins on the hob and two bags are ready, 5 portions done.

    Would this improve my life
    benjai's avatar
    Yes. I’m Chinese and bagged rice sounds offensive…
  4. mummybear1976's avatar
    Have had this one for years. Love it, great price
  5. OperaCreep's avatar
    I love their equivalent slow cooker but I'm perfectly happy making jasmine rice in the microwave. The only negative is the little overflow of water during the process that is easy enough to clean. So try it folks, our kitchens have so many gadgets already.
    Milky_Oolong's avatar
    Just curious, how do you cook it in the microwave? Is it using one of those Tupperware rice cookers?
  6. Raychef's avatar
    perfect price and good quality using many years and best way to cook rice, not this stupid idea to cook rice in plastic container with microwave🤦🤦🤦
  7. villan57's avatar
    those plastic sachets of rice  2 mins in the Micro Wavy jobs a good un no washing up boom. 
  8. CourseFinder's avatar
    Any owners could share how much grams of rice You can cook at once? I can see everywhere 1. 5cup.but no measurements how big is the cup.. Thank you!
    boltongirl1's avatar
    It has a measure in the box normally one cup (measure) is two servings all depends on how much you eat 
  9. aruf's avatar
    Mine is showing 50p for collection is that correct?
    sydney871's avatar
    Same here. I thought ASDA was free click and collect
  10. LetsShop001's avatar
    is anyone else getting 50p collection slot and £3 for minimum order charge?
  11. natty35's avatar
    from £3.50 collection so going to see if any in my local asda
    Limare's avatar
    Some of the deals go onto the grocery side...as this has with the fees.
    Very annoying it happened with my lynx deal at Christmas nothing tells you until you get the pick up notice... Not the charge is the problem I can't rule my life with a collection time slot from mine to the store can take anything from 15 mins to almost 2 hours.
  12. CourseFinder's avatar
    Any owners could share how much grams of rice You can cook at once? I can see everywhere 1. 5cup.but no measurements how big is the cup.. Thank you!
    znh's avatar
    You get a small measuring cup with the cooker. I think one cup is roughly around 100g of rice from what I remember. But you can cook more than 1.5 cups of rice - just read one review that they have cooked 5 cups before, and other reviews says it makes generous portions for 4 people.
  13. peefgee's avatar
    How big is this? 1.5L?
    pokemon2's avatar
    this is good for 1 or 2 people as it is small, too much rice and the rice will be cooked properly. you can cook 3 ppl ie 3-4 normal rice bowl
  14. seanmin's avatar
    Rice cooker > a pan, (or microwave) i will never understand.
  15. Massive-Yeti's avatar
    What's wrong with using a pot?
  16. JungleBug's avatar
    Steamed rice is best, pan of boiling water under a metal sieve.
    Perfect fluffy rice every time.
  17. LegoGetSome's avatar
    If rice isn't your staple i.e. you don't eat it at least a few times a week every week, then you will not appreciate what it means to have a rice cooker neither will you necessarily need one. If you have something like an InstantPot, it'll do the job too. (edited)
    bdfor's avatar
    We have and Instantpot but the rice not as good as I had hoped. Quite clumpy and sticks to pot. I have reverted to saucepan and letting it steam under a cloth for a few minutes before serving.
  18. pokemon2's avatar
    i had this, nice deal, but it is out of stock
  19. Johnboy...'s avatar
    Anybody know how many watts this is.?.(caravan cooking on leisure battery)...ta
  20. homebanjo's avatar
    Thanks OP, just bought one.

    The original link above goes to 'Asda Groceries', where it is showing as out of stock.

    The link I have created below takes you to 'Asda George,' where they are in stock.

    direct.asda.com/geo…tml (edited)
's avatar