Georgio Armani - Acqua di Gio 200ml EDT - £49.99

Georgio Armani - Acqua di Gio 200ml EDT - £49.99

Found 28th Aug 2010
200ml EDT for the same price of 100ml
Online & Instore - I bought a bottle in Hull yesterday & I received a free sports bag. I was offered a cream coloured Aramani bag but was given other options and opted for a Calvin Clein sports bag.
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I don't know why people are voting this so cold as I know it's not really a bargain but Acqua Di Gio is never reduced in price so to get 200ml for the price of 100ml is the best deal you're probably going to get. The only downside is that to use 200ml of aftershave before it goes off requires you to practically bathe in the stuff and it'd be a better offer if the price was reduced instead of the increase in quantity.

This deal is not scortching but it has helped me out so thanks OP

i have this & its awesome smell. its stilll very expensive though. maybe if there was any discount codes it'll be good.
There is a 5% voucher for Fragrance Direct knocking around the internet somewhere however it still really doesn't make Acqua Di Gio a bargain lol

Good price - dont understand the cold votes!
I dont understand the cold votes either? I know it's not a cheap aftershave but when your getting twice the normal amount for someone who buys this regularly then its a bargain.
its £49.99 for 100ml now
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