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German Christmas cake (Stollen) £1.99 @ Lidl
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German Christmas cake (Stollen) £1.99 @ Lidl

Posted 7th Oct 2010

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Traditional German Christmas cake (Weihnachts Stollen) available again at Lidl.

Huge and very very yummy cake.

Made with loads of almonds, raisins and a centre of marzipan.
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I love this. And the stuff they get in shops like Lidl and Aldi is so much nicer than the ones from the bigger supermarkets. Whether it's because it's actually from Germany or the surrounding countries but for me, it's the best.
Nice. Dare I go to Lidl just for this?
I had some of this and someone in the family ate it. Still trying to find out who stollen it.
Stolen cake? I wouldn't want to buy anything stolen thanks!
Must resist. Bought the stollen bites (smaller bits of cake) from Lidl not long ago. Far too moorish! And I'm sure not particularly good for you.

Now, if I just avoid going in there....
as much as i dislike germans, this is some tasty cake!!
Isn't the Aldi stuff made near Birmingham?
Really tasty stuff but very calorie laden!
Price keeps going up a far bit year by year though.
Remember getting one from Lidl for 99p 3 years ago!
It's my favourite Christmas treat! I'd rather eat this than X'mas pudding/cakes. I do seem to remember it was around £1.70 last few years but £1.99 is still not bad.
Pinched, was it ? (Stollen)
Thanks X)
It's cheap enough to be Stollen...

Isn't the Aldi stuff made near Birmingham?

Thats worse !!!
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Stolen cake? I wouldn't want to buy anything stolen thanks!

its stollen cake not stolen cake
I shall be swooping by and avoiding my usual £8-10 purchase from the German Market.
Surely if its Stollen, it's free?
Got to love all the "stolen/Stollen" jokes. Love this stuff, got to resist though (unlikely). That or get the housemate to try make me some :-p
Best cake ever. That is all.
Good..must go and buy one then
Stollen or not its EXCELLENT with Custerd
This guy was brought up on stollen:


This guy was brought up on stollen:

Almonds, raisins ... yuk
Surely advertising stollen produce should be banned
love it
super tasty and super pricey in tescos usually,lidl always great for this kinda thing, mega high calorie so i have to try not to buy these lol
Whats this actually like as i see these in lidl all the time and they are massive!!!
It's really big cake too, and so delicious!
Check out the perfect accompaniment for your Krautie Christmas celebrations:

X)can't resist
Love these cakes, shame there's no Lidl near me ( Heat added though!
nice just had a not so small slice with my morning coffee..
A family member, who lives in Norfolk, has told us that Lidl's renowned Stollen cake, and chocolate marzipan bars are going to arrive at Lidl's tomorrow, but although we receive your latest offers on line every week, we haven't received this information, & cannot find it on your website, is this just for your Norfolk branch, & if not, why isn't it on the website. ? SOMEWHERE.
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